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Shmee150 reveals why he’s scared to drive his “special” McLaren Senna

Published: 3/Apr/2020 7:27

by Isaac McIntyre


Tim ‘Shmee150’ Burton has revealed he’s “scared” to drive one of his favorite cars, the blue McLaren Senna, admitting the amount of money and time it would take to repair the limited release model is “always on his mind.”

Named after the three-time Formula 1 champion Ayrton Senna, the Senna is the third edition to the McLaren Ultimate Series. For some though ⁠— including, of course, Shmee ⁠— the 2017 release is the British manufacturer’s greatest work.

That prestige has sent prices skyrocketing since it was unveiled just over two years ago. The 005-edition sold for an estimated £1.2 million at the 48th Scottsdale auction in January this year. That’s nearly 50% more than its 2017 price.

Shmee's blue McLaren Senna could fetch over £1 million if he sold it in 2020.
Twitter: Shmee150
Shmee’s blue McLaren Senna could fetch over £1 million if he decided to sell it.

Considering how rare the Sennas are, it’s no wonder Shmee admitted he’s “pretty nervous” about taking his own out for a spin. Add to that a lorry driver accidentally put a serious dent in his last year, and he’s got some pretty valid concerns.

“I haven’t really driven it after what happened last summer… the incident in July,” he admitted as he took his Senna out of the garage in an April 1 video.

According to Burton, the crash hiked up a “huge” bill, even though the damage was all “purely cosmetic.” There were cracks on the right rear mirror, while the door had been smashed right down the middle. The back panel was also smashed.

YouTube: Shmee150
Shmee’s “special” Senna came off second-best in a meeting with a lorry truck.

Now, nearly a year later, that shocking incident still plays out in his mind. There was nothing he could have done differently, considering he was simply driving to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Nothing, that is, except not drive it.

“Although it was fairly cosmetic ⁠— it was mainly just some body panels that needed repairing ⁠— [the crash] still meant the car was off the road for five months. That’s always on the back of my mind,” the YouTuber admitted.

“If something happened, that is potentially going to be repeated. That gives me a fair bit of stress, I’m not going to lie. The value of the car, how difficult it is to repair, and how special it is, is always on the back of my mind.

“I guess I’m always conscious that I want to drive it on very specific occasions… I don’t want to drive it just for the sake of driving it, like I did that one fateful day where I was just on the motorway in traffic. We were doing 15-20 miles an hour!”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 8:18 in the video below.

That’s not to say he’ll never take it out again. His April 1 video ⁠— filmed before self-isolation began ⁠— obviously saw him take it out for a spin. He has only done “around 150 miles since that day,” he added, but he wants to add more.

“I will try and take it out to events across Europe, when I can again… but that’s off the cards now,” he said. “I don’t think it’s likely though, honestly, that this will be a high-miler. That’s just how it is with cars like this. I’ll savor those moments.”


Russian Instagram influencer torches his $150,000 Mercedes on purpose

Published: 25/Oct/2020 0:46

by Bill Cooney


An Instagram influencer literally set his own $150,000 Mercedes Benz on fire after he got fed up with how his local dealership was repairing it.

Several videos of Russian Instagram and YouTube star Mikhail Litvin torching the black GT 63 S went viral over the weekend, with people around the internet both amazed and horrified that someone has enough extra cash rolling around they can just send a luxury car up in flames.

But, Litvin’s display surprisingly wasn’t just a random instance of pure, nihilistic capitalism captured on film, as he claims he was sending a message to his local Mercedes dealership and the company as a whole.

The saga begins like this: Mikhail bought a brand new GT 63 S (running around $140,000 to $160,000) and somehow, broke the engine five times in a row through various automotive shenanigans.

Eventually, he became fed up with how his local Mercedes Benz dealership was repairing the vehicle each time he brought it in, even replacing the turbo kit with one purchased off of eBay at one point.

Paying to have sub-par parts installed in his car seems to have been the final straw for the Russian, who filled his trunk up with gasoline and brought plenty of cameras to a deserted field to send his vehicle off with a Viking funeral.

After bathing the car in fuel, Litvin lights a Looney Tunes-style trail from offscreen and the poor four-door goes up in a massive fireball.

Pouring gasoline on a mercedes
Mikhail Litvin/YouTube
Litvin made sure not to miss a spot.

After contemplating all the memories he had in the Mercedes while the inferno raged behind him, the YouTuber drove into the sunset with his new whip, a classic teal Lada that only needed a little bit of a running start to get going.

With over 11 million followers on Instagram and 4 million subscribers on YouTube, chances are good that Litvin will be picking up a fly new car sometime soon to replace the smoking heap that was his GT 63 S.

Exactly what he’ll replace it with remains to be seen, but we’d bet he’ll have a video out about it when he does.