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Savage Garage Randy explains why $2.6m Pagani is better than Koenigsegg

Published: 15/Sep/2020 11:02 Updated: 28/Sep/2020 12:02

by Kieran Bicknell


With access to a plethora of gorgeous supercars, Randy from Savage Garage is living any petrolhead’s dream. Despite having so many incredible cars to choose from, it seems that his favorite is the Pagani Huayra, as he explains in SG’s September 14 video.

Randy has some incredible hypercars in his collection, the highlights of which are undoubtedly the Koenigsegg CCX and his Pagani Huayra.

It would seem that despite the Koenigsegg being rarer and more ‘exotic’ the favorite car for Randy is in fact his $2.6m Pagani Huayra. Owning the car is a “dream come true” for him, and it’s clear he’s completely smitten by the outlandish hypercar.


Savage Garage Huayra
YouTube: Savage Garage
The Pagani Huayra created quite a scene while filming in Miami.

“Spaceship noises”

One of the best parts of the Pagani is the open-mechanism shifter on the center console. The Huayra is fitted with a 7-speed sequential transmission, which can be shifted via the paddles “if you just want to fly by” or using the ornate central shifter, which Randy appears to prefer.

There are some excessive features too, such as the custom Pagani key. Designed to be an exact replica of the Huayra; Randy says it’s essentially “a $400 Mercedes key with a $7k Sterling Silver body kit!”

The $2.6m hypercar also makes a lot of “spaceship noises” which are fantastically entertaining. This was in fact deliberate, as the designer of the Huayra wanted to replicate his love for aerospace engineering, incorporating acoustic features such as making the “immense” turbos sound like jet engines when spooling up.


“You could drive in this all day long”

Randy also says he’s a big fan of the design of the car as a whole, stating the engineers did “an amazing job” right down to the divisive interior design. Some say it’s ‘gaudy’, but he calls it “stunning… like a fine watch.”

In comparison to the Koenigsegg, the Huayra makes a far better ‘grand tourer’ and is much more “usable” on long distances, with it being “super easy to drive” and “very comfortable… the Koenigsegg is comfortable, but this [the Pagani] is way more comfortable.”

The power delivery for the Huayra is also incredible, very “smooth” and instantaneous. It hides the speed well, with Randy saying “it’s so fast… it doesn’t feel like you’re doing [high speeds] at all.”


Summing up the Pagani, Randy says it’s “truly unique, completely exciting… it’s such a different experience, this is a ‘drama’ car in every way” – clearly the Pagani is the new garage favorite!