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Richard Hammond’s rookie Tesla mistake almost ends in disaster

Published: 20/Mar/2020 13:10 Updated: 20/Mar/2020 13:19

by Connor Bennett


The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond almost found himself stranded after making a rookie error with a Tesla Model X – forgetting to give it some juice ahead of a trip. 

As car owners across the globe have started to embrace the electrical revolution, more and more charging stations have started popping up like gas stations – though, the wait to get back on the road is a little longer.

However, when you drive an electric car like a Tesla Model X, you can’t just rely on hitting up a charging point during your journey, it does help to charge at your home too. Yet, that’s a mistake Richard Hammond made during a trip back home from the North of England. 


YouTube: DriveTribe
The Grand Tour host managed to supercharge his Model X but forget to plug into the wall at home.

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Hammond, the popular TV host and car reviewer, posted the video on the Drivetribe YouTube page, showing how he and his wife were headed to the Lake District in the North West of England. 

On his way up, the 50-year-old showed how quick a supercharged charging point could get his car back on the road – taking around 25 minutes to give him enough juice to complete the journey. Though, on his way back home, he encountered a problem right off the bat.

Hammond hadn’t charged his Tesla Model X overnight and, instead, was down to the barebones of a charge. “I’m new to the world of electric cars and I’m suffering with crippling range anxiety,” he quipped, noting that he’d make it to a charging point with around 1% charge left.


Timestamp for mobile viewers of 8:30

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Though the Tesla had enough power to get him to the next set of chargers, that didn’t stop the former Top Gear host from panicking – almost making a wrong turn and reversing into another car before making his stop.

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Despite being flustered by everything, Hammond eventually played it cool and tried to joke about what had just happened, though, his wife wouldn’t let him get away with it too easy, poking fun at him not keeping the car charged.

On the bright side, it’s probably the last time he’ll forget to keep his car charged.