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Manny Khoshbin explains why he sold his Porsche Carrera GT

Published: 30/Mar/2020 12:05 Updated: 30/Mar/2020 13:13

by Jacob Hale


Car YouTuber Manny Khoshbin has owned some of the most exotic supercars in the world, including the Porsche Carrera GT which he recently sold. Now, he’s explained why it was the right time to get rid.

In February 2020, Khoshbin revealed the insane cost of owning his fleet of supercars, costing him hundreds of thousands of dollars each year – not including the actual cost of the cars, which can exceed $1 million.

He also revealed that there are three supercars he planned on getting from the Geneva Motor Show which total around $7m, but has actually sold his Porsche Carrera GT, which many would consider a dream car.


Instagram: mannykhoshbin
Khoshbin has had his Porsche Carrera GT for around seven years.

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Khoshbin explained in his March 26 upload that due to the current crisis affecting the entire world, there is somewhat of a recession and, obviously, people are less interested in buying supercars.

For that reason, Manny said, he decided to sell some of his less-exclusive cars so that he wouldn’t lose too much value on them during the panic – and that includes his Porsche.

He said that it was simply the right place and the right time to finally let go of the car he had owned for seven years, explaining that if he had sold it two weeks later, he would have got around $100-150,000 less than what he sold it for at the start of March.


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As Manny said, he doubled his money on that and “you never go broke making a profit,” which more than justifies why it was the perfect time to get rid of the Carrera GT – which is especially helpful considering how many cars he already has on order.

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Khoshbin then explained that there’s going to be a big crash in the supercar market, and he might be tempted to pick up one or two for the right price since they’ll be cheaper than usual.

By Manny’s explanation, this definitely seems to have been the right decision, especially if it meant an extra $100k or more in the bank. He even hinted that he might buy it back if the price drops enough – which would be the ultimate power move.