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Life of Palos reveals his new Ferrari FF with “dream” specs

Published: 30/Sep/2020 12:24

by Kieran Bicknell


Best-known for his news round-ups, YouTuber Life of Palos is also an avid petrolhead and owns a number of exotic cars. Now, he’s added a Ferrari F12 to his fleet in his “dream” specification.

Having teased that he was getting “a new V12” in a number of his recent videos, YouTuber Life of Palos – real name Aaron – has now revealed that his latest car is a 2013 Ferrari FF V12.

Replacing the 707hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat in his garage, the new FF will take its place next to his McLaren 570s, making his garage more supercar-oriented than ever before.

Buying this Ferrari is a “dream come true” for Palos, as it “represents years of hard work to get to be able to buy this.”


Ferrari FF Life of Palos
YouTube: Life of Palos
Aaron says he “loves” the yellow dial in the middle of the FF’s instrument cluster.

Life of Palos Ferrari FF spec

Choosing a very ‘classy’ spec, the FF is finished in white ‘Bianca Avus’ with a black leather interior. Palos also gives us a hint at future plans, stating “we’re going to do some kind of wrap design, and the black interior is going to look the best for what we’re going to be doing.”

Revealing why he chose the V12 Ferrari FF over anything else, Aaron explains that he’s already ‘ticked’ the two-seater box with his 570s. “I wanted something I could take some friends up into the mountain with and have some fun” with its 4 seats and ‘GT’ styling, the FF is perfect for such trips.


Practicality is also important, with one of his “favorite” things about the FF is it being “a Ferrari with actual trunk space.”

Life of Palos Ferrari FF build

Starting the FF for the first time, he confesses “I never in a million years, as I was a kid, thought that I’d be able to have a Ferrari of my own.”

Thankfully, his wife is also a big fan of the FF. Sitting in the car, he says “you look like a natural” while her response was simply “yeah, I’ll take it!” With such a big purchase as this, having the support of his family is a big deal for Palos.


With plans to do a full build on the car including “straight piping it, wrapping it, new wheels, maybe a tune…” it seems that Palos has plenty in store for his YouTube community.