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ItsJusta6 gets emotional while revealing first McLaren supercar

Published: 16/Sep/2020 14:07

by Kieran Bicknell


From dropping out of college to being a multi-business owning entrepreneur, YouTube star Itsjusta6 has had a wild ride. Now after years of hard work, he has finally revealed his most insane supercar yet on his social media and YouTube accounts.

Known for his YouTube videos, rap music, and incredible determination, Itsjusta6 – real name Gavin – has experienced his fair share of ups-and-downs throughout his life.

From being a “broke college dropout” to a multi-business owner, Gavin has owned some incredible cars during his time in the spotlight. Now, he has revealed the latest addition to his fleet as an incredible McLaren 570s Spyder Launch Edition.


Having owned several modified high-performance cars in the past such as a Roush Mustang and Nissan GTR, Gavin is no stranger to going fast. The McLaren 570s will be taking things up a notch for him though, representing a big moment in both his career and personal life, as shared in a tweet.

“Don’t lose sight”

With the phrase “don’t lose sight” now being an integral part of all Itjusta6’s motivational speeches and videos, it now seems more important than ever for the YouTuber to not “lose sight” of his goals.

Premiering the McLaren as part of his Mustang giveaway video on his YouTube channel, he revealed that 19,000 people were watching the video at one time – an incredible figure even for a channel with over 940,000 subscribers.


Clip starts at 6:16

“Life can be a crazy journey”

This was no ordinary launch video either. Mixing drop-dead gorgeous cinematics and a powerful, emotional voice-over, viewers were treated to one of the best pieces of YouTube film-making in recent history.

The voice-over alone is incredibly powerful, spreading the message that viewers should go out and ‘grab life with both hands’ to experience everything it has to offer:

“Life can be a crazy journey, that’s for sure. Full of the unexpected, the uncalled for, and the unfair, but we’ve got a choice to not accept the messed-up things life throws at us. The choice to decide what we want from life, to go and do whatever it takes to get it.”


Having reached such an incredible milestone, it is unclear how Gavin will top this video; No doubt he has something even more incredible up his sleeve.