Dump truck driver channels their inner Ken Block in viral drifting video

Drifting Dump TruckYouTube: ViralHog

While drifting a car requires incredible skill and a  healthy dose of bravery, drifting a dump truck borders on insanity. Incredibly, that’s exactly what the driver of this industrial truck decided to do in order to brighten up their day.

Whether this was an act of boredom, courage, or simply a way to make their tedious day more exciting; The driver of this CAT 40-ton dump truck clearly has some skills behind the wheel.

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In a bid to shave minutes off of their loading time and have some fun in the process, this driver decided to abandon the traditional reversing maneuver and instead elected to power-slide their truck to change direction.

Clearly this is one experienced operator. Using the ramp to build up speed, they make the most of the slippery clay surface to throw the truck hard left and apply plenty of gas, causing the truck to lose grip and begin to slide.

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Impressive skills from the driver

Holding a drift in a lightweight car is difficult enough, but managing to control an all-wheel-drive 40-ton truck in a power-slide is practically god-like.

Thanks to the truck’s massive tires and the low-friction road surface, the driver executed the trick perfectly, leaving them to simply reverse underneath the excavator’s bucket to be loaded for the next run.

Even the excavator operator seems to enjoy this driver’s antics, as they can be heard giggling in the background as they watch the stunt unfold in front of them.

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YouTube CommentsYouTube: ViralHog
The comment section was full of tongue-in-cheek responses

Public reaction to the video

As expected, the comment section of the video is a mix of sheer praise for the driver’s skill, along with the standard fare of light-hearted retribution.

With many commenters clearly working in the construction industry, there are numerous references to health & safety and what they’d do if they saw this footage.

One YouTube user named Rob G says what we’re all thinking. This is unlikely to be the driver’s first rodeo, having likely practiced this trick numerous times before being filmed.

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Quite how they were still on site is unknown, but no one was injured so perhaps the site owner sees it as a case of no harm, no foul.

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