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Daniel Craig’s insane multi-million-dollar car collection revealed

Published: 21/Sep/2020 13:03 Updated: 21/Sep/2020 13:05

by Kieran Bicknell


With a reported net worth of $205m, actor Daniel Craig has some incredible cars in his garage, including a few worthy of James Bond himself. YouTuber Seb Delanney explored the highlights of Craig’s collection in his September 21 video.

Best-known for his role as British spy extraordinaire James Bond in the Bond film franchise, actor Daniel Craig has spent a considerable amount of his reported net worth on his incredible car collection.

Having played a role known for his style, sophistication, and suave nature, it is only natural that his taste in expensive luxury and exotic cars follows suit. Allegedly this is partly since he has been gifted cars following his film roles, which explains the strong ‘bond vibes’ running through the collection.

DB5 Bond Car RM
A fully restored Aston Martin DB5 movie car recently sold for over $6 million.

Strong British influence

Starting off with a strong British influence, Craig has been seen driving around in a thoroughly retro Jaguar XJ on Italian plates. While not the most expensive car, it is undeniably classy.

Ever a fan of Aston Martin, Craig also reportedly owns an Aston Martin DBS which was given to the actor as a gift. One of the last manual V12 Astons, the DBS now goes for around $128k, but cost a significant amount more when new.

Sticking with the Bond theme, Daniel is the custodian of an original Aston Martin DB5, made famous in the ‘Goldfinger’ Bond film.

Luxury SUV gifts

While Craig’s doesn’t feature the incredible gadgets seen on the film car or the recreation cars, original DB5s cost around $1-1.2 million, making this an incredible collector’s item. If his DB5 is indeed a certified movie car, it could be worth significantly more — up to $6.3m in fact.

Alongside his exotic British supercars, DC was also given a Range Rover Sport. Starting from $80k, Daniel’s was a gift, and therefore likely to be loaded up with options that would raise the price of this luxury SUV significantly above the base RRP.

Daniel is understandably quiet about his car collection which means that information is hard to come by. That said, if these cars are anything to go by, Craig probably has an even more incredible collection of cars than we know about… very fitting for Bond himself.


SSC responds to backlash over ‘faked’ Tuatara 331mph record run

Published: 30/Oct/2020 10:58 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 11:00

by Kieran Bicknell


Following a jubilant celebration of achieving an alleged 331mph, SSC North America have been forced to admit the video for their record run is inaccurate, following backlash from numerous media outlets.

What should’ve been an epic achievement of automotive technology and driving has transformed into a nightmare for SSC North America. After their Tuatara ‘megacar’ apparently broke the world production car speed record, a number of prominent automotive media outlets and YouTubers said the video was faked.

These were not hollow, empty statements either. Even big-name YouTubers such as Shmee150 got in on the act, and presented several convincing arguments against SSC, including a number of mathematical analytics that could not be doubted.

SSC did attempt to fight back, claiming that GPS company Dewetron had ‘validated’ the run, but even this has now been cast into doubt. Following the backlash, Dewetron themselves have issued a statement saying they “did not validate any data from world record attempts or preceding tests.”

SSC Tuatara
SSC North America
According to Jerod Shelby, there were “inaccuracies” in the video shown.

SSC Tuatara record run video issues

Now, SSC CEO Jerod Shelby has explained the situation, citing a “video mix-up” as the cause of the inconsistencies. According to Shelby, the ‘wrong video’ was overlaid with the data log displays, which lead to a “variance in sync points” when media outlets had analyzed the video.

Not only that, but according to Jerod there are “two videos, each with inaccurate information” that the team “hadn’t double-checked the accuracy of the video before it was released.”

Given that this is a monumental event in the world of automotive performance, it seems strange that the quality control would not have been ultra-scrutinized before the video released on BBC’s Top Gear.

Does the SSC speed record still stand?

While the video issues have finally been addressed by SSC North America themselves, there is no word as to whether the official record attempt has been impacted.

According to Shelby, the “accuracy of the equipment and speed sensor” are both confirmed in a letter from GPS suppliers Dewetron, which was issued when they got the equipment.

The official submission to the Guinness World Records Association is also yet to be made, due to waiting on “third-party pieces of information.” Whether or not the record will be validated is still unclear.