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Cleetus McFarland takes beastly 900 HP Mustang GT500 for a spin

Published: 7/Mar/2020 1:15

by Bill Cooney


Fans of American cars can usually be divided into two categories: those who prefer Chevy, and Ford fans – but the 2020 Mustang GT500 may have just won over auto YouTuber and Chevrolet enthusiast Cleetus McFarland.

Even before getting the heavily modified orange muscle car out on the track, McFarland had to admit that it was the “best looking Mustang” he’d ever seen.

The car didn’t just look slick, either: apparently it has an app for everything under the sun, including burnouts, which look just as sick whether computer-controlled or not.

Cleetus McFarland
McFarland said all he had to do was “hit a button” to start the epic burnout.

“That was a really good burnout,” the YouTuber admitted after pulling off the stunt. “It gave me a timer, everything, and then you hit the OK button and your foot is literally off the brake and it starts to pull forward.”


A quick test drive around some back roads was enough to put a smile on the Chevy fan’s face before he even got the purring monster out on the official track.

Once on the racetrack, the Mustang’s 900 horsepower was finally able to come out and play, and it didn’t take long for McFarland to realize this was one bad machine.

“Oh my god, this thing is incredibly fast, it’s really fast!” the Floridian said as he whipped around the course. “Good god dude, the brakes are so good too.”

To finish things off, McFarland did his best to vaporize what was left of the Mustang’s tires with a burnout run that almost made the vehicle look like it was on fire.


Cleetus McFarland
Pictured: the face of a man having way too much fun destroying some tires.

“Overall, this is the best Mustang I’ve ever driven,” McFarland admitted. “I think 82 (thousand dollars) is a bit up there, but it’s going to be an amazing car to have.”

As the video mentions, the $82,000 price tag might put this car out of range for most buyers, but it still looks like a ton of fun to get behind the wheel if you get the chance.