Brand new Tesla’s roof falls off minutes after leaving dealership

Kieran Bicknell

When buying a new car, the last thing you expect to be doing is returning it to the dealership less than an hour after collecting it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to this Tesla Model Y owner after the glass roof fell out on the highway.

Tesla has a somewhat troubled reputation with its quality control, with numerous stories about poor panel gaps and finish being easy to find. It seems that all of these complaints have fallen on deaf ears, however, since this Tesla Model Y driver discovered a shocking quality control fault.

Its sibling, the Model X, has been reportedly losing bits of its roof due to an issue with the glue used to bond these parts.

Sadly, it was not an isolated issue for the Model X alone, as the entire glass roof of this brand-new Tesla Model Y decided to jettison itself while driving down the highway.

Tesla Model Y roof issue
The driver uploaded a photo of the issue, showing the lack of glass in the panoramic roof at the service center.

According to Reddit user Indescribables, he returned his Model Y to the dealership before he even managed to get it home.

Apparently, the glass roof on the EV “just blew off” while driving down the highway. The only indicator was that the occupants of the car started hearing “a ton of wind” before realizing what had happened.

After realizing what had happened and once the initial panic was over, the driver warned the police that there was a “car roof somewhere on the 580.” They then proceeded to return the faulty vehicle to the Tesla Service Center where they had collected it from only minutes before.

Having arrived back at the Tesla center, there was a surprisingly stark diagnostic from the manager. Apparently, either the seal was ‘faulty’ or the factory “forgot to seal the roof on!”

Whether they decided to get the fault fixed or simply return their Model Y is unknown. This is only the latest in a long line of Tesla quality issues, and they don’t seem to show any sign of slowing down. Still, at least nobody was hurt in this case.

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