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Audi RS6 Performance hits 305kmph speed on AutoBahn in YouTube test

Published: 7/Jan/2020 17:30 Updated: 7/Jan/2020 19:43

by David Purcell


Germany’s AutoBahn highway system takes the speed limits away from the cars in some areas and if there’s one estate vehicle you need to see eat up those roads, it’s the 2018 Audi RS6 Performance. 

Being ahead through technology is the name of the game for Audi and there’s no doubt that their RS6 Performance model is among their most impressive releases to date, for the executive portion of the market at least.

In what would probably be a dream scenario for car enthusiasts, one of AutoTopNL’s lucky drivers were handed the opportunity to take this powerful set of wheels for spin and the results were both scary as well as magnificent.


AudiHere’s the Audi RS6 Performance model featured in AutoTopNL’s video speed test.
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For those who aren’t aware, AutoTopNL is a car filming and testing company that often posts their videos to YouTube for their fans to enjoy. At the time of writing, their official channel has over 1.74 million subscribers and the video of the R26 Performance has eclipsed 100,000 views.

The top speed for the vehicle is actually 189.5 mph and during the course of the video you can hang off the edge of your seat to see how close it gets to that figure. There’s a speedometer on the right side of the screen for reference.

This car included in their review has a 4.0 litre V8 BiTurbo AWD engine, which is capable of 720hp, and has SKN tuning. Without further ado, though, let’s see how it looked on the road.


Timestamp in the video below at 1:03.

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Seeing a motorcar like this roar through the German countryside is one thing, but hitting “crazy fast” speeds will be enough to keep any of their viewers entertained.

Some of which, interestingly, noted in the comment section that the car was physically shaking as it climbed towards its top speed. “That transmission hasn’t got much life left,” one posted, while another joked: “In the time my car takes to reach 40mph this car is already four cities ahead.”

Those interested in buying the Audi RS6 Performance featured in this speed test, you can pick one up on the market for between £90,560 – £107,060.