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Aston Martin unveil $3.6m perfect replica of James Bond’s DB5

Published: 8/Sep/2020 14:15

by Kieran Bicknell


The ultra-exclusive Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation Program is set to make its new owner’s James Bond dreams come true. Featuring fully-functional gadgets, this road-legal ‘spy’ car is the stuff of childhood dreams for a lucky few.

Built from the ground-up, these extremely limited DB5 continuations pay homage to the legendary Aston Martin DB5 driven by James Bond in the Goldfinger movie. Often cited as one of the most iconic movie cars of all time, the continuation is limited to just 25 units, costing $3.59 million each.


This is no ordinary movie car ‘replica’ however. Featuring functional spy gadgets, replica equipment from the movie, and enough toys to satisfy even the biggest man-child; This Goldfinger Continuation DB5 is a piece of living, breathing movie memorabilia.

The ‘007’ gadgetry has been updated and brought into the 21st century, ensuring that you get plenty of value from the $3.59m (£2.75m) price tag. “Even 007 didn’t have a remote control for his car” joked Paul from Aston Martin during the ‘first-look’ video with YouTuber MrJWW.

Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation Gadgets
YouTube: MrJWW
Even the machine guns of the original have been replicated, and are deployed/retracted automatically from their housing behind the front indicator.

A car “worthy of 007” himself

Ensuring that the car is as true to the movies as possible, AM has worked with Chris Corbould who provided SFX for the last 15 bond films to ensure the car would be “worthy of 007” when completed.

Aston Martin is justifiably proud of this project, and have engineered it to last. Each gadget is put through a 5000-cycle testing phase to ensure they are “robust enough” to cater to demanding clients.

Not only are the gadgets true to the appearance in the movie, but they all work correctly. The front ‘machine guns’ are a light-and-sound display that is true to the original, and are seamlessly hidden behind the front indicators when not in use.


The rear ‘oil slick’ dispenser has been replaced with a more environmentally-friendly water dispenser, but it too is fully functional and hidden behind the indicators when not in use. The famous revolving numberplates are fully functional, as is the incredibly effective rear ‘smokescreen’.

The “ultimate toy” for Bond fans

While the ejector seat couldn’t be made fully functional “for obvious reasons” AM did still cut the hole out in the roof of the DB5. The in-build GPS is styled as a retro nav system, stored away behind a retractable panel operated by a hidden switch.

Perhaps the coolest gadget is the rear retractable bulletproof shield. Not content with simply incorporating a tribute piece, Aston chose to use real bulletproof carbon-kevlar material which has been tested to prove its resistance to small-arms fire.


All these gadgets are activated by “the world’s most famous red button” hidden under a hinged lid atop the shifter. This really is the “ultimate toy” for Bond fans according to JWW, and it’s not hard to see why.


Shmee150 reveals ridiculous cost of insuring his Ford GT

Published: 14/Oct/2020 16:47

by Kieran Bicknell


YouTuber and supercar collector extraordinaire Shmee150 is known for his incredible garage of exotic cars. In his October 13 video, he reveals some surprising news about the cost of living with his Ford GT supercar.

The Ford GT cost around $500,000 when new, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that the day-to-day maintenance costs would be astronomical too. According to owner Tim (Shmee150) however, they aren’t quite as bad as you expect.


Given that the GT is build by Ford, its hardly surprising that it is often referred to as a ‘blue-collar supercar.’

Though, with its purchase price of half a million dollars, it’s hardly cheap.

Shmee 150s Ford GT
YouTube: Shmee150
The Ford GT requires servicing annually, or every 5000 miles.

Being produced by Ford does have its advantages though, as Shmee explains in his video. Supercar ownership costs “vary hugely from one car to the next” according to Tim, and the GT is no exception.

Servicing for the Ford GT is on a very strict schedule of once per year or every 5000 miles. This means that drivers that make use of their GTs risk paying for several services each year, though thankfully the costs are impressively low.

Thanks to being a Ford product, servicing can be done at Ford dealerships rather than requiring specialist garages. Costing “around 500 bucks” per go, it’s a stark contrast to many supercars such as Ferraris and Porsches that run into four-figure prices for each service.


The Ford GT also comes with an impressive three-year warranty package, and can have a majority of its minor work done at Ford dealerships as per its servicing requirements. This saves on shipping the car to-and-from specialists, which in itself is a costly part of typical supercar ownership.

Clip starts at 3:00

As Shmee says, for day-to-day life with the GT “there isn’t actually that much to worry about… because it’s a Ford. Most things [consumables] are quite reasonable.”

Unfortunately, that’s where the cheap ownership of the GT ends. Due to the incredible performance capabilities of the car, specific Michelin tires are required which came at a “heavier price” than Shmee expected.


Insurance is a big kicker too. Tim admits that this is “by far the biggest cost for the car.” In his first year, he paid a staggering £10,000 ($13,000) for insurance on the GT. The second year wasn’t much better, coming down by £2000 to £8000/year ($10,400.)

So while day-to-day life with the Ford GT is probably much cheaper than many would expect, just getting it insured to drive on the roads costs a monumental amount; At least servicing is cheap!