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When will Scump return to Twitch?

Published: 23/Sep/2019 13:52 Updated: 23/Sep/2019 14:18

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty section on Twitch whenever he hits the live button, but he hasn’t streamed in quite some time. Here’s what we know about his return.

When it comes to competitive Call of Duty, there is no bigger name than Scump. The former World Champion has over two million followers on Twitter, and a further 2,400,000 subscribers on YouTube – while also setting the world alight on Twitch. 


After a challenging World War II season, the OpTic Gaming captain made his return to streaming at the beginning of Black Ops 4 – racking up over 100,000 viewers at one point as the Greenwall nailed down an early-season online tournament win. Yet, partway through March, he left his Twitch channel dormant, no longer streaming practice or bringing the vibes to his thousands of viewers.

MLGScump might not have multiple world titles, but he’s still competitive CoD’s biggest name.

When is Scump coming back to Twitch?

However, with the Modern Warfare beta in full-flow and new rosters being decided during Rostermania, fans have been clamoring for his return – sending him constant questions on Twitter. 


On September 20, the OpTic captain finally responded and gave an answer in a response to a fan. “I’ll be back to streaming on release,” he said, confirming that fans won’t see him playing the new title properly until it’s official release date of October 25.

Why did Scump stop streaming on Twitch?

Like the vast majority of Call of Duty teams, Scump and OpTic streamed their practices for thousands of fans – but made their rebroadcasts subscriber-only. This meant that any team trying to get a look at their strategies had to pay for the previlgies. 

However, that all died down towards the end of the season, with OpTic chopping and changing roles in the darkness – leaving fans waiting on Tweets and Pro League matches for updates and to see them playing again. 


Now, of course, all this doesn’t mean that Scump is immediately going to hop onto Twitch once the game goes live at midnight, but it at least gives us an indication on when we can see him streaming again. 

Whether or not he’ll take up the mantle of dominating public games like he used to do so easily, or if he’ll be practicing with his new franchising team, remains to be seen.

MLGScump bagged a CoD world championship in Infinite Warfare after years of trying.

All we know, though, is that his return isn’t too far away, and fans will be able to spam his King Scump emote once he goes on an insane killstreak soon enough.

Call of Duty

Warzone player discovers perfect way to counter Airport tower campers

Published: 19/Oct/2020 14:47

by Jacob Hale


A Warzone player has found the perfect way to counter campers in the Verdansk Airport tower, and it might be the best way to bait those annoying players out and get across the runway.

If you’ve played Warzone even once, you’ll know exactly which tower we mean: the one north of Airport that has only one way up, from which players can easily camp, scout out enemies and lay fire upon those trying to rotate to zone.


Even with the inclusion of external ziplines to many tall buildings in Verdansk, the tower still doesn’t have one, meaning that once players are up there, it’s incredibly difficult to get them down.

Typically, you’ll struggle in a straight gunfight against these players — so what you need to do is bait them out, instead, and capitalize when they’re distracted.

Warzone airport tower helicopter
Tower campers are among some of the most annoying players in Warzone.

As showcased below by NadxCH, a helicopter could be your key to infiltrating the tower — though not how you might think.

While many people will have tried to attack head-on while in a helicopter, the plan instantly falls flat if the tower campers have a rocket launcher or explosives of some sort, that will see you and your team come crashing down instantly.

Instead, you need to assign a teammate to fly past in the helicopter after landing up top, and strike while the iron is hot. While the designated driver flies the heli in one direction, you’ll need to jump off the top and plan your parachute perfectly to land in the control room while the opponents have their back turned and are distracted.


Obviously, this will often be easier said than done. Jumping off the top of the tower and timing everything right to land in the control room is a skill you’ll have to practice over and over again to get right, so you’ll have to be confident you can pull it off first.

Secondly, you’ll have to rely on the enemy team being distracted by the helicopter. They likely will be, and will want to take it down while it’s so close, which is why it’s the perfect opportunity to strike.

Otherwise, you might find yourself trapped while trying to traverse the map — and there are few worse types of players to die to than those in Airport tower.