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Call of Duty • Aug 20, 2019

LIVE: Call of Duty Off-Season Rostermania transfers ahead of franchising

LIVE: Call of Duty Off-Season Rostermania transfers ahead of franchising

The Call of Duty off-season has officially begun, after the conclusion of the final CWL Champs. With the franchised CoD League starting in 2020 for Modern Warfare, everything is going to change, but our Rostermania transfer hub will keep you up-to-date with latest trades and rumors.


Details are still being ironed out for the Call of Duty League, but the location of twelve franchises have been confirmed: Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Paris, Toronto, Seattle , Chicago, London, and two Los Angeles teams.

According to leaks obtained by Dexerto, rosters will be required to have 7-10 players on their books, with five-man roster sizes expected to hold over from the change made prior to the Black Ops 4 season.


eUnited won the 2019 CWL Championship - likely the last ever 'CoD Champs'.

The 2019-20 off-season could well be the most intriguing Rostermania ever, as Call of Duty esports switches to the franchising model, and players not picked up by a pro team could be left on the outside looking in.

Immediately after Clayster and eUnited lifted the 2019 CWL Championship trophy, the ball started rolling, and free agency announcements began to trickle out from players.

This Rostermania hub will keep you up-to-date with everything that goes down over the next few months, as Call of Duty prepares for the new league and Modern Warfare.


Confirmed Roster Change Timeline

The following moves have all been officially confirmed by players or organizations. (R) indicates a restricted free agent.

September 20

  • Silly: Free Agent > CoD Minnesota
  • Assault: Free Agent > CoD Minnesota
  • GodRx: Free Agent > CoD Minnesota
  • Dylan: Free Agent > CoD London
  • Skrapz: Free Agent > CoD London

September 17

  •  Wuskin: Free Agent > CoD London

September 13

  • Swizz: Free Agent > CoD London (general manager)
  • JurNii: Team Heretics > Free Agent (R)
  • Lucky: Team Heretics > Free Agent (R)
  • Wartex: Team Heretics > Free Agent (R)
  • MeTTalZ: Team Heretics > Free Agent (R)

September 10

  • KiLLa: Nfinite > Free Agent
  • KiSMET: Enigma6 > Free Agent (R)
  • General: Enigma6 > Free Agent (R)
  • Sender: Enigma6 >Free Agent (R)

September 9

  • Crimsix: OpTic Gaming > Free Agent (R)

September 8

  • Karma: OpTic Gaming > Free Agent (?)

September 5

  • CleanX: Singularity > Free Agent (R)

September 3

  • Loony: Splyce > Free Agent
  • Envoy: Gen.G > Free Agent (R)
  • Prestinni: eUnited > Free Agent

September 2

  • Methodz: UYU > Free Agent

August 31

  • Arcitys: eUnited > Free Agent
  • Zer0: FaZe Clan > Free Agent (R)

August 29

  • AquA: Splyce > Free Agent (R)
  • Tommey: Reciprocity > Free Agent (R)
  • Enable: 100 Thieves > Free Agent 
  • Kenny: 100 Thieves > Free Agent
  • Octane: 100 Thieves > Free Agent 
  • SlasheR: 100 Thieves > Free Agent

August 28

  • Zed: Team Reciprocity > Free Agent (R)
  • Dylan: Team Reciprocity > Free Agent (R)
  • Alexx: Team Reciprocity > Free Agent
  • Seany: Team Reciprocity (sub) > Free Agent (R)
  • Wuskin: Team Reciprocity > Free Agent (?)
  • Denz: Team Reciprocity > Free Agent (?)

August 27

  • Joshh: Team WaR > Free Agent
  • Vortex: Team WaR > Free Agent
  • Peatie: Team WaR > Free Agent
  • Temp: Splyce > Free Agent (R)
  • Bance: Celtic FC > Free Agent
  • QwiKeR : Celtic FC > Free Agent
  • ProoFy: Retired > Free Agent

August 26

  • Aches: Envy > Free Agent (R)
  • SiLLY: Envy > Free Agent (R)
  • Assault: Envy > Free Agent (R)
  • Bevils: Envy (Coach) > Free Agent (R)
  • Lacefield: Elevate > Free Agent

August 23

  • Apathy: Evil Geniuses > Free Agent (R)
  • Xotic: Evil Geniuses > Free Agent (R)
  • JKap: Evil Geniuses > Free Agent (R)

August 21

  • Huke: Splyce (Loan) > Envy
  • Crowder: 100 Thieves (Loan) (Coach) > FaZe Clan
  • Priestahh: 100 Thieves (Loan) > FaZe Clan

August 20

  • Accuracy: Evil Geniuses > Free Agent
  • Zaptius: Midnight > Free Agent
  • Frosty: Midnight > Free Agent

August 19

  • Saints: UYU > Free Agent (R)
  • Blazt: UYU > Free Agent (R)

August 18

  • GRVTY: UYU (Loan) > FaZe Clan
  • Phantomz: UYU (Loan) > FaZe Clan
  • Cammy: UNITS > Free Agent
  • Weeman: UNITS > Free Agent
  • Nolson: UNITS > Free Agent
  • Joee: UNITS > Free Agent
  • Rated: UNITS > Free Agent
  • Spoof: Hybrid > Free Agent
  • TeddyRecKs: FURY > Free Agent
  • Attach: Evil Geniuses (Loan) > FaZe Clan
  • Parzelion: Mazer > Free Agent
  • JetLi: Mazer > Free Agent
  • Exceed: Sicario > Free Agent
  • Parasite: Midnight > Free Agent
  • Shockz: Mindfreak > Free Agent


Rostermania rumors

Not all changes have been confirmed yet, but sources and rumors indicate the following changes might be in the works during the offseason.

Priestahh and Crowder

100 Thieves player Preston 'Priestahh' Greiner and coach James 'Crowder' Replays were both loaned to Nadeshot's organization from FaZe Clan for the Black Ops 4 season, and their loans are said to have now expired. It now appears that both have returned to FaZe Clan, after Crowder said he was going to consider his options before making a decision on his future. 

twitter: 100Thieves
What will become of the stacked 100 Thieves roster?


Envy, Luminosity and Splyce trades

In the final roster change window of Black Ops 4, three organizations, Envy, LG and Splyce, completed a jumble of trades. Huke was loaned to Splyce from Envy, while Luminosity traded Gunless to Envy. These loan moves are expected to have expired now, meaning Huke is once again an Envy player, and Gunless is back on the Luminosity books.

OpTic Gaming roster

OpTic may have secured the Los Angeles franchise spot, but whether the team will retain the services of all five players from the Black Ops 4 season is still unknown. Former teammates Ian 'Crimsix' Porter and Matthew 'FormaL' Piper have already engaged in a public spat after Crimsix appeared to have 'leaked' FormaL's new team.

Piper, a former World Champion, has been rumored to reunite with Seth 'Scump' Abner on a franchised team, with Scump bringing over Thomas 'TJHaly' Haly and Brandon 'Dashy' Otell. As of yet, the validity rumor is still unknown but has it caused drama between the players.

Three-time world champion Damon 'Karma' Barlow already hinted that CoD champs would be the last time that the roster would wear the jersey, and he's revealed that he has been left in the dark over the moves. Just where he lands, especially as he's also teased retirement, remains to be seen. 


Notable Free Agents

The following players are currently free agents. (R) indicates a restricted free agent.

  • Accuracy
  • Aches (R)
  • Alexx
  • Apathy (R)
  • AquA (R)
  • Arcitys
  • Blazt (R)
  • Braaain
  • Cammy
  • CleanX
  • Crimsix (R)
  • Enable
  • EndurAAA
  • Envoy (R)
  • Exceed
  • FeLo
  • FeRo (R)
  • Frosty
  • JetLi
  • Joee
  • JurNii (R)
  • Karma (?)
  • Kenny
  • Lacefield
  • Loony
  • Lucky (R)
  • MethodZ (R)
  • Niall
  • Nolson
  • Octane
  • Parasite
  • Parzelion
  • Prestinni
  • Rated
  • Saints (R)
  • Seany (R)
  • Shockz
  • SlasheR
  • Spoof
  • TeddyRecKs
  • Temp (R)
  • Tommey (R)
  • Wartex (R)
  • Xotic (R)
  • Zaptius
  • Zed (R)
  • Zer0 (R)

Franchise league roster rules

In a post to the CoD Competitive subreddit from the official esports account, the rules regarding roster construction have been issued. Below is a brief summary of those rules, as we head into the first season of a franchised league:

  • 5 vs. 5 teams, with mid-series substitutions permitted. 
  • Roster sizes will range from seven (minimum) to ten (maximum). 
  • Open signing window begins on September 3. 
  • Existing organizations transitioning into the new franchise league have the ability to sign players who are currently on their 2019 CWL rosters one week earlier (from August 26). 
  • Players will receive a minimum salary of $50,000, and teams will be required to distribute at least 50% of their prize pool earnings to players directly.
  • Player trades among teams in the pro league may take place through majority of the 2020 season.
  • Teams may send up to two pro players from their roster to compete in the 'Path to Pro' events held throughout the season — teams may contract up to four total pro players to have two-way contracts at a given time.

For a full detail of the announcement, check out our Call of Duty Franchise League summary

Franchise league rosters

Currently, no rosters for the franchise league have been confirmed, but this post will be updated ahead of the season starting.

Los Angeles (Kroenke)
Los Angeles (Immortals)
MinnesotaSilly, Assault, GodRx
New York
LondonWuskin, Dylan, skrapz

Last updated on September 20, 2019 at 7:54 PM (EST).

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