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When is Modern Warfare’s gameplay reveal? Everything we know

Published: 24/Jun/2019 10:49 Updated: 26/Jun/2019 10:56

by David Purcell


Call of Duty gamers are waiting in anticipation for the gameplay reveal of Modern Warfare, but when is it likely to take place? 

There have already been a few hints and information surrounding the next time Infinity Ward will shed more light on the gameplay of the next installment to the Modern Warfare series, as we look towards that October 25 release date. 

With so much speculation surrounding the next big announcements, let’s take a look at when we can expect to see a lot more in-game action. 

ActivisionCall of Duty fans want to see more of the teased night gameplay in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare reveal trailer

The launch date of Modern Warfare is not too far away, meaning that fans will be scrolling up and down the 2019 calendar wondering about when they will get a chance to see what the game looks like, in terms of actual footage. 


So far, we have been given a two-minute glimpse of the game in its reveal trailer, which did give players a sense of how the game would play. Yet, it also included some cinematic scenes to promote the game – as you would expect. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gameplay coming soon?

One CoD leaker, who predicted that the game was not going to be called Call of Dut: Modern Warfare 4 – as it was previously speculated – has claimed that Infinity Ward are lining up two different trailers to be released in mid-July. 

Victor__Z, who has emerged as a fairly accurate source, said that fans can look forward to closer looks at both multiplayer and single player with the new videos, presumably which will include gameplay action. However, his potentially revealing tweet has since been deleted. 


Infinity WardCall of Duty fans can’t wait to play the next installment of the Modern Warfare series.

Infinity Ward dropping hints

If that wasn’t enough to convince players, a representative of Infinity Ward has put players on high alert, after dropping a hugely cryptic hint about a gameplay announcement on Reddit. 

“Almost there… Stay on target” artpeasant wrote on June 23, responding to a fan’s post to the Call of Duty subreddit. 


Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams has also dropped a clue that the gameplay reveal is on it’s way on Twitter, providing fans with even more hope that the wait will soon be over. 

When a fan complained about fans having not seen any official gameplay from Modern Warfare, Williams responded by saying she heard the user’s frustrations “loud and clear,” and that they needed to: “Hold tight for just a tad longers.”


New Modern Warfare trailers in July?

Amid talk of Infinity Ward having to remove parts of the campaign which have been branded too “disturbing” already, fans will be looking forward to seeing the game in action. 

Whether or not this is the first indication that the developer is working towards a mid-July release date for the next sneak peek at gameplay remains to be seen, but it does mean that CoD fans should be on the lookout for more clues in the coming weeks. 

Clearly, more gameplay reveals might not be too far away. 

This article was updated at 5:56am EST on Wednesday, June 26.