What are the howling noises in Warzone? Players suggest crazy theories


An increasing number of Call of Duty: Warzone players are reporting hearing wolf-like howling around the northern areas of the map, as questions about the future of Verdansk grow. 

While Warzone has been widely acclaimed since its March release, a key factor to any battle royale’s longevity is the ability of developers to keep the game fresh with regular updates and content drops.

Infinity Ward have already stated that they are going to implement ‘Fortnite-like’ events into their battle royale, in efforts to update the map and keep players engaged. One of the earliest hints at map changes was that the map’s Dam POI appears to be unfreezing, and another has now surfaced.

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Dam location in WarzoneInfinity Ward
Verdansk’s Dam is currently frozen over, but appears to melting.

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Wolves in Warzone?

While reports of players hearing wolves at the map’s Dam go way back to March, it seems the frequency with which they’re being heard is rapidly increasing. Many users are now reporting the sound of bizarre animal-like howling at the Dam, but also at other POIs like Prison and Quarry.

What do the noises in Warzone mean?

But, what do the noises actually mean? It certainly sounds like a wolf or dog of some kind. Modern Warfare’s campaign sees Omar Sulaman as one of the main antagonists. During the campaign, his alias was ‘The Wolf’, so it could potentially be hinting at his involvement in a Warzone narrative.

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Furthermore, the locations of the affected POIs are pretty spread out, suggesting any impending wolves are nearing all areas of the map.

The howling joins numerous other unexplained features. Players have already come across mysterious access cards on the Warzone map, and obscure bases that cannot be entered. Maybe wolves are a kill-streak that are set free when a player uses an access card to open a bunker? Who knows.

It certainly looks like Infinity Ward are taking a leaf out of Epic Games’ book – with Fortnite’s battle royale known for foreshadowing in-game changes with easter eggs and teasers.

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