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What are the best perks to use in Call of Duty Blackout?

Published: 13/Oct/2018 16:18 Updated: 18/Oct/2018 10:00

by Calum Patterson


If you are still confused by what perks and equipment you should be picking up and using in Call of Duty’s new Blackout mode, you are not alone, but this guide has everything you need to know.

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Blackout differs from traditional Call of Duty multiplayer in many ways, and one of them is the perk system. Perks are there, but just like weapons, you will not choose them before the game starts.

Rather, you will need to find them laying around the map, and then will need to carry them as a physical item, taking up a slot in your inventory.


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Further, the perks do not last forever, but instead are finite and will expire after a period of use. This means you will need to be picky with what perks you pick up, and make sure you are activating them at the most effective time.

Some perks are best suited to later in the game, while others are better used as soon as you find them. Here’s our recommendations for the best perks to use, and more importantly when to use them.

As perks are buffed/nerfed, or new ones are added, we will keep this guide up to date.


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Awareness: Makes enemy footsteps louder. 

Lasts 120 seconds, 2 uses.

Summary: Always pick up, use in late game.

The first time you use awareness, you will be surprised just how much louder enemy footsteps become. You will be able to hear them running around from crazy distance, giving you a huge advantage. This is arguably the most effective perk in the game, however, it should be saved until late game situations. Using it early in the game will still be useful, but when there is still a large circle, you won’t always be in the vicinity of players, or when you are, there will be more gunfire and vehicles muffling the sound.


Using awareness when the circle is small and there are less than 15 enemies remaining will give you a huge advantage, and is potentially game winning.

Brawler: Increases melee damage and awards 50 health for each melee attack. 

Lasts 240 seconds, 1 use.

Summary: Only useful at the very start of the game.

Brawler is much improved from the beta as it will now give you health for every melee attack, but it remains the least useful perk in the game. Very rarely will you, nor want to, find yourself in a melee engagement. There is also such a surplus of healing supplies that the bonus 50 really isn’t worth the risk of trying to punch someone. It can be useful right at the start of the game, when opponents have perhaps not found a weapon, but this is very situational, and you would still be better finding a gun.


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Consumer: Use time of health and consumable items reduced by 50%. 

Lasts 300 seconds, 1 use.

Summary: Pick up, use immediately. Useful at any time.

This perk is not game changing by any means, but being able to heal faster is always beneficial. When you come across consumer, pick it up and just it right away, as you never really know when you’ll be in a pinch and it might just give you the edge.

Dead Silence: Move quietly and make less noise opening stashes. 

Lasts 240 seconds, 1 use.

Summary: Always pick up, use in late game.

This perk rivals it’s opposite number, Awareness, as the best perk. Enemy footsteps are very loud, and often the sound of your feet stomping around will be the cause of your demise. Dead Silence is always useful, but really you should be storing it until the late game, when there is more chance you are coming up against opponents using awareness, and when the safe zone is smaller and so engagements are closer.


Engineer: Reveals nearby equipment and vehicles.

Lasts 240 seconds, 2 uses.

Summary: Only use if in desperate need of a vehicle. Leave it on the ground otherwise.

The only real use for this is if you are about to get stuck in the storm and need to find a vehicle quick to outrun it. As for seeing enemies coming on vehicles, you’ll likely hear them before you see them anyway, so there is little benefit to Engineer besides pinpointing them. It can sometimes be useful to see things like barbed wire or other equipment, but generally this perk is very situational.

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Iron Lung: An increased steady time when using sniper and tactical rifles, as well as underwater breath time.

Lasts 300 seconds, 2 uses

Summary: If you have a sniper, pick up and use immediately.

Although this also helps with steadying Tactical Rifles (which you can also hold your breath while using), it is incredibly effective with snipers. If you don’t have a sniper, don’t waste an inventory spot with this though.

Looter: Highlights nearby lootable items and stashes. 

Lasts 120 seconds, 3 uses

Summary: Very useful at the start of the game

This perk is pretty much useful after the first few minutes, but if you find Looter on the ground when you first drop, pick it up and use it immediately. It will help you find that level 3 armor you would have missed otherwise, as it will highlight all lootable items through walls.

Medic: Revive and heal faster. Healing items give more health and downed allies can be revived with more health.

Lasts 240 seconds, 2 uses

Summary: Use immediately in squads/duos. In solos, only pick up if lots of loot space.

Most of the benifits of Medic only apply in squads and duos, and you will thank yourself for using it in those modes, so always pick up and use immediately there. In solos, the faster healing is still useful, but it lasts for less time than consumer and is not worth dropping anything for, so only pick up if you have plenty free loot spots and backpack.

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Mobility: Faster weapon swaps and movement. No damage when falling. Fire weapons and use equipment while sprinting and move faster when reloading. 

Lasts 300 seconds, 2 uses

Summary: Pick up and use immediately. Useful at any time.

This perk has plenty of benefits, and is useful at any time of the game, so don’t bother holding on to it unless you know you are far from any enemies. It’s also particularly useful if you find yourself getting chased down by the collapse.

Outlander: Take less damage and gives faster movement in circle collapse.

Lasts 180 seconds, 2 uses

Summary: Only pick up if you know the collapse is going to catch you.

A very situational perk, Outlander only has any benifit when you find yourself stuck in the collapse (the storm). Really though, you should just pay attention to the collapse’s movements and the timer, rather than wasting a slot on using this perk.

Paranoia: Gives an audio alert when targeted by an enemy.

Lasts 240 seconds, 2 uses

Summary: Don’t pick up.

You may think this perk would be helpful, but really, if someone is aiming at you, they have probably already started shooting, which is enough warning without the loud (pretty obnoxious) sound cue this perk will give you.

Reinforced: Less damage from fire and explosives, with improved resistance to flashbang, razor and concussion.

Lasts 240 seconds, 3 uses

Summary: Pick up and use immediately. Useful at any time.

Similar to mobility, this perk has lots of benefits and is useful at any time of the match. Flashbangs and concussions are so effective in this game, that if you get hit without resistance, you can pretty much put the controller/mouse down and meet your fate. Reinforced will at least give you a chance.

Skulker: While in prone or crouched, you will move faster.

Lasts 180 seconds, 3 uses

Summary: Pick up, save till late game.

Although you would find some benefit from Skulker this at any time, it is best saved till you’re in a small circle in the late game, with more potential to sneak up on opponents in close quarters. Pair this with Dead Silence and Awareness, and you are a full on ninja.

Squad Link: View teammates through walls.

Lasts 120 seconds, 2 uses

Summary: Don’t pick up.

Not much to be said for Squad Link, it’s pretty useless. Only you can see your teammates through walls, it might be improved if it gave the same ability to your teammates too.

Stimulant: Increase max HP by 100. 

Lasts 180 seconds, 2 uses

Summary: Pick up and use when you know enemies are near.

This one is fairly self-explanatory, as everyone likes an extra 100 HP. But, you don’t want to use it and then not see any opponents for two minutes, wasting it. So, best to store this until you find yourself in a fight, then quickly pop it.