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Warzone’s RPG apparently buffed after Modern Warfare May 19 update

Published: 22/May/2020 13:30 Updated: 23/May/2020 8:42

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has revealed that the RPG has recently received a buff in Warzone, despite Infinity Ward’s claims that it was going to be nerfed in the May 19 update.

The RPG was listed as one of the biggest problems in Warzone, alongside the akimbo snake shot pistols, and many CoD fans were happy when Infinity Ward revealed they would be nerfing the controversial weapons.

Ahead of the recent May 19 update, it was revealed in the patch notes that the frustrating rocket launcher was finally set to be nerfed, however, some players such as CoD YouTuber TheXclusiveAce have now claimed otherwise.


Infinity Ward
The RPG has been a problem weapon in Warzone.

TheXclusiveAce is best known for his analytical videos, such as in-depth testing and breakdowns on some of the latest weapon statistics in Call of Duty.

Following the long-awaited RPG nerf, the popular content creator decided to test the launcher out for himself and claimed that, to his surprise, it had actually become even more effective in Warzone, “It doesn’t appear to be true, if anything, they actually buffed the RPG.”

After pointing out that Infinity Ward had toned down the Max Damage Radius on the RPG in the latest update, there was seemingly another change that was not included in the patch notes and revealed that the weapon’s Max Damage had gone up from 150 to 250.


The RPG’s new stats would now allow players to one-shot their opponents, who are in the rocket’s Max Damage radius, even if they had max health and armor. “These patch notes just don’t make any sense because they said they reduced the radius that you could get a one-hit kill with an RPG and before this launcher rework you couldn’t get a one-hit kill unless you directly impacted the enemy player,” he added.

The RPG was not the only weapon that had apparently received secret buffs, however, the YouTuber claimed that all of the launchers in Warzone had been recently reworked and listed similar changes that had been made to damage stats on the Strela, PILA, and JOKR as well.


While he could not be sure that this launcher rework had been implemented in the May 21 patch, he claimed that this “complete overhaul” had occurred at some point after his latest launcher tests in April.

As of now, the stealth changes for the rocket launchers, which have apparently made the RPG even more deadly, have yet to be confirmed by the Modern Warfare devs.