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Warzone trucks are randomly killing players without even moving

Published: 27/May/2021 11:16

by Jacob Hale


A new Warzone bug is infuriating players across Verdansk, with ‘Bertha’ cargo trucks randomly killing players despite not even moving at the time.

Vehicles are an integral part of the Warzone experience, with so much open space in a large Verdansk map, they’re often needed to get around and improve rotations.

Despite this, they’re also incredibly frustrating for players. Cargo trucks in particular are a very hard counter if you don’t have a rocket launcher, which most players don’t often carry.

Even the likes of Dr Disrespect have lost their patience with the ever-growing ‘truck meta’ in Warzone, which is especially prevalent in solo and duo lobbies.


Warzone bertha trucks
Cargo trucks can be seriously helpful — and seriously annoying — in Warzone.

Now, though, if you’re not a fan of trucks in the game, your patience might be about to wear even thinner if this bug becomes more prevalent.

As shown in the clip below from deyrajib, trucks might be starting to take on a mind of their own, wiping out players without even having to move.

Deyrajib takes refuge in the back of a truck, trying to get a good line of sight on a passing driver without alerting them to their location, before just suddenly dying. It says he wasn’t killed by an enemy, and he even had a self-revive, so it looks like the truck entirely wiped him out of the game.


One responder in the comments even said that their truck randomly exploded during a game, again saying in the killfeed that it wasn’t another player who killed them.

While it doesn’t seem massively widespread right now, this issue is one that can seriously ruin games for players on any level, and devs Raven Software will want to investigate and fix it as soon as possible.