Warzone streamer WarsZ calls out DougIsRaw for threatening his viewers

Activision / Twitter: unitedtalent

Popular Warzone streamer Kacey ‘WarsZ’ Channer has hit out at fellow streamer Doug ‘DougIsRaw’ Wolf after the latter threatened his fans and viewers during a heated moment on stream.

While WarsZ and DougIsRaw appear to have had a good connection in the past – they were even playing together mere hours before the incident took place – it looks like Doug went one step too far when addressing WarsZ’s fans.

There has already been some tension between European and North American Warzone players after Team Skrapz took home the win during the recent Warzone Royal Ruckus tournament.

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The EU v NA rivalry in Warzone appears to be heating up.

When people were calling Doug ‘salty’ about being beaten by Europeans, posting clown emojis in his chat and just generally winding him up, he was becoming increasingly agitated.

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Finally, the discussion with his viewers ended with Doug delivering an ultimatum to one viewer, and threatening to ban them from WarsZ’s chat.

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After saying that the viewer is “millions of miles away” and “doesn’t have the money to come to Twitchcon to see me in person,” Doug asked them: “You know I’m a mod in WarsZ’s chat right? I can open up WarsZ’s chat and, for anyone that says anything, I can ban you. You know that right?”

After attempting to flex his power over WarsZ’s fans and supporters giving him grief, WarsZ himself reached out to tell Doug that this isn’t acceptable.

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“This ain’t a good look DougisRaw,” he said. “Especially as you aren’t even a mod on my channel. Please don’t lie to people & threaten to ban them on my channel.”

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The tweet was met with a number of responses from top European personalities and players, including Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Singh Barn and popular YouTubers Callum ‘Callux’ McGinley and Callum ‘Calfreezy’ Airey, who simply said “yikes” or called him salty.

Doug hasn’t yet responded to WarsZ, but it looks like he’ll have to come up with a serious apology if he wants to get back on the Brit’s good side.

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