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Warzone pro weaponizes Armor Box for nasty 1v3 in $20k tournament

Published: 21/Oct/2021 0:52

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty: Warzone pro proved how deadly an Armor Box can be with some outside-of-the-box thinking. During a $20,000 tournament, Dr3w shocked viewers with a surprisingly creative 1v3.

Warzone Customs are some of the most tense tournaments around. The high-stakes events pit Verdansk’s best players against one another in private lobbies, making every fight a heavyweight matchup.

Dr3w was one of the lesser-known streamers involved in BoomTV’s $20,000 Code Red on October 19. But he quickly made a name for himself, as the mouse and keyboard player wiped out a squad of three with MacGyver-esque ingenuity.

The clip starts in a scary place, with Dr3w stuck as prey without any teammates around. And it ends with surprise, as the player finesses his way through a 1v3 thanks to an Armor Box, of all items.


Warzone pro 1v3s with an Armor Box trick

As you can see, Dr3w’s back is against the wall — almost literally — as he awaits his predators. The first hunter becomes prey, though, as a waiting Dr3w guns them down with haste.

But they refuse to wait for the rest of the attackers, opting to scamper upstairs and outside instead. Then, running into a nearby building, he confusingly places an Armor Box down (despite being fully plated) and a C4 right beside it.

A moment later, it all makes sense. He waits at the top of the stairs of his new building and, right as the two other foes approach, he detonates the C4 — blowing up the Armor Box and dealing considerable damage.


warzone call of duty c4
C4s are among Warzone’s most versatile pieces of equipment.

The C4 and Armor Box combination seems to crack both enemies’ shields, allowing Dr3w to finish them off with great speed. And that haste was necessary, as the enemies were able to crack his armor (and then some) before being downed.

Overall, the Armor Box trick is an interesting one. Coupled with a C4, it’s essentially a very strong, manual Proximity Mine. And, if it’s good enough for use in a $20k tournament, it might be handy in casual games too.