Warzone players urge devs to finally fix parachute issues with Caldera update

Warzone player diving into game from the skyActivision

Call of Duty players have urged the Warzone developers to address the issues with deploying parachutes as they want things to be more consistent once Caldera launches. 

Call of Duty: Warzone’s first major shake-up in quite some time is just around the corner, with the developers preparing to do away with the Verdansk map and introduce Caldera.

On top of the brand-new map, there will also be quite a few gameplay changes – including the ability to return from the Gulag with the gun you used, nerfing Dead Silence, and removing Stopping Power rounds.

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While some fans are pretty pleased with those upcoming changes, some want the developers to go further. Specifically, many want the inconsistency around parachute deployment to be addressed, preventing players from tumbling to their deaths unexpectedly.

Using parachutes to change up postion has always been a key in Warzone.

As anyone who has dove into a game of Warzone knows, if you’re in an elevated position and are under fire from the enemy, you can usually jump away to safety using your parachute. Though, there are plenty of instances where either you’re not given the option to open it, or the option pops up too late, which leads to an embarrassing death.

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“Please, for the love of God, fix parachute deployment issues with Caldera,” cried Redditor TTV_xxero_foxx, who noted that Caldera appears to have plenty of verticality of its own where players will be looking to use parachutes.

While some players mocked them for still dying in embarrassing fashion, plenty others supported the call. “Yeah this is super annoying. I find myself dying like this but off of buildings. Walking a ledge, fall off, and apparently your parachute doesn’t open,” added one. “I’m tired of not being able to cut the chute at a certain height. Some may say it’s realism but come on,” commented another.

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A handful of players pointed out that nothing was mentioned from Raven about fixing it in Season 1 of Warzone Pacfic, but they had ideas of their own for later down the line. “They should limit the number of times you can pull your parachute. And have to pick one up off a dead corpse or find one in a loot box,” suggested one player.

It remains to be seen if the issue will be addressed in Warzone, but it’s clear that players would prefer if they didn’t have to worry about the inconsistency of their chutes.

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