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Warzone players demand change to ‘broken’ gas circle

Published: 27/May/2020 16:45

by Andy Williams


While Warzone has been inundated with praise, there’s one gripe that is annoying players to a point where they’re now demanding Infinity Ward make a change.

Generally speaking, Infinity Ward’s follow-up to Treyarch’s Blackout has been met with open arms. By introducing features such as the Gulag, Custom Loadouts and a unique Buy Station system, the developers have innovated upon the battle royale genre.

That said, players have been vocal about one of the major caveats to Warzone’s Battle Royale mode — the circle collapse.

Warzone's gas collapsing on Stadium POI.
The all-encompassing toxic gas is designed to huddle players closer together as the match progresses.

Specifically, players have expressed concerns about how the gas provides an advantage to those on the wrong side of the circle.


While the gas is supposed to restrict players’ visuals, one Redditor underscored the inconsistencies it holds, as they highlighted a clip of a player being “rewarded with improved vision” from within the gas. While the player who was where they should be (in the safe zone) could barely see their enemy hidden in the gas.

With just one other player remaining, the Reddit user was handicapped by the engulfing effects of the circle collapse. Yet after being eliminated, the killcam highlighted how their opposite number had a much more clear line of sight.

GAS VIABILITY IS A JOKE – why is the player rewarded with improved vision IN THE GAS! from CODWarzone

Of course, with the gas affecting players in different ways in the most tense portion of the game (final circle), players are now calling for action from the developers to make a change.


“Being in the gas is supposed to [be] a disadvantage, not an advantage…” one player agreed. While another contested that Infinity Ward wasn’t “interested in making a competitive game” as they expressed their frustration.

Of course, while the player behind the circle collapse will have been using a Gas Mask, as it stands, the game is punishing players who should theoretically have the advantage by staying ahead of the curve and gaining better positioning.

There has been no indication that Infinity Ward have clocked the issue as of yet, per the developer’s tracker, but rest assured that we’ll keep you updated should there be any developments.