Warzone players call for Kar98 nerfs to fix overused sniping meta

Connor Bennett
Warzone character carrying a Kar98k

Call of Duty Warzone players believe the KAR98K needs a nerf and other snipers require a buff as it continues to dominate within the Season 3 meta.

With Warzone’s Verdansk map being so big, having a sniper in your back pocket has almost been a must since day one.

As a result, players have toyed around with the long-range weapons, settling on a few different choices over time. However, as Season 3 continues to rumble on, the Kar98K from Modern Warfare stands above the rest.

According to stats from WZRanked, the marksman rifle is by far and way the most used weapon of any class in-game, and some players believe its a little too overpowered right now.

Warzone sniper
Snipers are needed in Warzone given the size of Verdansk.

Members of the CoDWarzone subreddit voiced their concerns with the Kar98 on May 15, with some saying it makes “zero sense” that higher caliber snipers deal less damage than the marksman rifle.

Players quickly agreed with the sentiment that the Kar98 is a little funky versus its rivals and something has to be done. “Kar98 is lowkey wayy too good and needs a nerf,” said home_depot_man.

Others suggested that the best way to nerf the weapon is to actually buff other snipers, so that there are other options available. “This is why the Rytec needs a buff. The Barrett too,” added one player, while another suggested that the M82 could do with a power boost.

A slight nerf to the Kar could be the answer, but a buff to other snipers would likely do wonders for players. As per WZRanked, the next closest sniper to the Kar is the HDR, but that only has a pick ratio of 2.1%. In comparison, the Kar has a 13.8% pick ratio.

It remains to be seen if anything will change soon, or if players will have to keep waiting for changes from Raven.