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Warzone players call for change to “frustrating” Armor Satchels

Published: 3/Jun/2020 11:42

by Andy Williams


Warzone players are calling for a change to the way Armor Satchels are picked up from the ground in Verdansk, as the community vent their frustrations.

While Warzone has undoubtedly changed the battle royale landscape for the better, Infinity Ward’s title has had its fair share of issues… From being able to pick up weapons in the Gulag to being unable to use the Buy Station, people’s ride through Verdansk has been a bumpy one.

Although one gripe that is beginning to bug players is item pick-up behavior, specifically referring to Armor Satchels. They offer players an increased carry capacity on the battlefield, but are proving to be more of a nuisance than they’re worth.


Armor Satchels in Warzone.
Armor Satchels were added to Warzone at the backend of April.

While yes, being able to carry eight Armor Plates – as opposed to the five-plate capacity granted to players by default – is extremely handy, they can also be “frustrating” to pick up when looting a player’s corpse.

One player expressed their annoyance with the inability to pick up an Armor Satchel when a player drops all of their loot around it.

“No I don’t want the Pistol Ammo! I would like the massive Armor Satchel that should be easy to pick up, cheers!” the player said in a Reddit post that received overwhelming support.

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After expressing just how much of a headache it can be to pick-up the loot you want from a seemingly endless sea of goodies, they explained exactly where the issue stems from.


“It’s more of a problem when I’m already full on that ammo. I can’t pick it up then, so I have to find the sweet spot which is irritating when you feel like you’re a Sniper bullet away from the Gulag.”

Another player agreed with the Redditor’s point, adding that it “feels broken” and that “any other item in the game gets picked up easily” — echoing the thoughts of plenty in the thread.

As it stands, however, it appears that Infinity Ward doesn’t have a fix in the pipeline any time soon. So players will need to be patient when grabbing satchels among a sea of loot for now.