Warzone player spawns army of Zombies in “game breaking” easter egg bug

Joe Craven
Vanguard ZOmbies with Warzone Pacific Logo

Warzone players were left scratching their heads when a Zombies easter egg in the new Fortune’s Keep map went bizarrely wrong and led to a swarm of undead charging around the lobby. 

Among the wealth of new content Season 4 brought to Call of Duty: Warzone, the new Fortune’s Keep map was the pick of the bunch. A smaller and faster map, designed to emulate the play styles that thrive on Rebirth Island, it has gone down a treat with players of all calibers.

While the map is not geared toward Zombies players (obviously), it did come with a cool easter egg that allows players to spawn an undead friend. However, the easter egg has now brought with it a bizarre bug that is ruining matches for players simply seeking to have some fun.

Fortune's Keep map with WZ Pacific logo
Fortune’s Keep dropped with Season 4 on June 22.

The Fortune’s Keep Zombies easter egg works by dropping to the map’s Graveyard and lighting three candles located around the POI. After that, players should line up and pay their respects at a small gravestone. Doing so spawns one zombie for players to play around with. At least, in theory.

Redditor ‘TheMeatMaker‘ shared a “game-breaking” bug they encountered upon completing the easter egg, seeing a whole hoard of zombies spawn out of the gravestone.

After that, the hoard chased the players around the map before freezing completely as the game progressed. All in all, the player counted 26 zombies that spawned and froze.

The OP commented that it was repeated in later games, but that it’s not exactly clear what enabled them and their teammates to do so.

We can also expect a rapid patch from Raven, with the OP confirming that “it crashes the game most of the time” when all the zombies spawn at once.

Just another day in Warzone.