Warzone players demand change for “ridiculous” in-game notifications

Alec Mullins
Warzone Operators in Season 5 preview image

As Warzone has evolved, more and more alerts have been added to the game, and now in Season 5 players are questioning why the UI was never updated to fix one of the BR’s “most infuriating” problems.

Anyone who has played Warzone will be familiar with the kinds of notifications and alerts that come across each player’s screen throughout the game.

Whether it’s confirmation of picking up a bounty or other contract, or the announcement of a jailbreak event, there are more than a handful of cues that keep your team in the loop.

While all of the individual pieces themselves might not be a problem, some players are arguing that being bombarded with these screen-blocking notices is a serious problem.

Warzone players demand a fix

This issue came under the microscope when a player shared a video of a notification that blocked their screen just as they got into a crucial gunfight.

For the members of the community who can change their Field-of-View, this might not be such a problem, but as one commenter noted, it can be a real game-ruiner for those who are stuck on the default setting. “They have a ton of different ones that pop up in terrible spots – especially when running with 80 FOV,” they said.

While having a wider area of vision in Warzone can certainly help, there are also other ways that the game keeps players alert to their surroundings, but not all of them are super helpful according to another player.

“I complain about this all the time. I also love it when playing rebirth and the ‘ARMORED TRUCKS ARE INBOUND’ message vomits on the screen with the unnecessarily loud truck horns,” they said

Some of the other problem alerts that fans pointed out are the Nebula V bomb alerts and the energetic guitar sounds that sometimes play when opening a box or interacting with other things on the map.

It’s likely too late in Warzone’s lifespan for big changes to be made to the notification system, but with Warzone 2 on the way, there is still hope that Activision will bring more customization to the user experience eventually.

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