Warzone glitch lets you put any camo on any weapon

an image of Dark Aether camo in Call of Duty WarzoneInfinity Ward / Activision

A new glitch in Warzone allows you to put on camos from Cold War and Vanguard on Modern Warfare weapons. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about how to pull off this cosmetic glitch.

There are many camos in Call of Duty that are specific to particular titles, meaning you can only use them on weapons from the corresponding game. However, a new glitch allows players to put any camo on any weapon in the game.

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Even though the outcome looks breathtaking, the long-term result might not actually be ideal.

Swagg, a well-known Warzone content creator, recently found a glitch where he could apply the Dark Aether/Dark Matter camo on his Kilo 141 assault rifle from Modern Warfare. This camo is a mastery cosmetic in Call of Duty Cold War.

Players can get the Dark Aether camo only after unlocking the Golden Viper and Plague Diamond Camos in the Zombie mode of Cold War. The Golden Viper camo further requires all 35 Zombies Camos for a single weapon to be unlocked.

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It might seem like a standard feature but it isn’t. Despite being a glitch right now, it appears that the developers could actually implement this as a feature if they chose to.

“I was using a certain gun, my beautiful Kilo and I had a certain type of camo on it,” Swagg explained. “Right now in the community, I can neither confirm nor deny that there’s a glitch going around.”

Now, this might look a lot tempting but the end result might not be so fruitful, as there is a risk of being shadow banned if reported by the other players in the lobby.

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JGOD, another popular Warzone content creator has said that other players might assume some inauthentic tools to get access to such cosmetics, which might prove to be a bannable offense.

He adds that it “should honestly be a standard feature at this point, especially since it is obvious that the game is capable of doing it.”

Although the final call depends upon Infinity Ward, it can be expected that the studio will never bring this feature. Especially when Modern Warfare sequel and Warzone 2 are on the line. Players may want to refrain from using this glitch to avoid any punishments.

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