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Warzone fans frustrated as “broken” Kar98 & Swiss are stronger than ever on Caldera

Published: 18/Jan/2022 12:57

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players are frustrated, believing the Kar98k and Swiss K31 rifles are stronger than ever thanks to Caldera’s vast open spaces. 

When it was announced the Warzone would be shifting away from Verdansk and bringing in a new map alongside Call of Duty: Vanguard, players were pretty excited about what was in-store.

However, ever since the integration, players have had a myriad of complaints about different things. Many are concerned by the pacing of games, others are not massive fans of the layout of Caldera, and some don’t want to mix and match the Vanguard Royale and normal BR modes.


The latter issue is causing headaches for other players too, given that the normal BR modes allow them to use Cold War and Modern Warfare weapons on Caldera, and it seems to be making them a little stronger than before.

call of duty warzone pacific caldera
Caldera brought much new content to Warzone, including weapons and a new Gulag.

According to some players, the Kar98 and Swiss K31 – which have both been incredibly strong in Warzone for quite some time – are causing chaos on Caldera due to the big change in their ADS times versus the sniper rifles from Vanguard.

Caldera snipers have ridiculously slow ADS speeds and they’re not as great to use as the Swiss/Kar/AX-50/HDR,” pointed out Warzone player harshmangat. “Broken snipers just do not work well in Caldera, they’re not fun to go up against.”


Other players quickly agreed, noting they’ve fallen victim to the Kar and Swiss more than anything else in recent games. “Agreed 1000% – Kar/Swiss is just too easy to use and pretty much 9/10 times I died this week was to a Kar/Swiss,” said one. “I’ve stopped playing warzone since they took out vanguard royale. the Kar and Swiss are a big reason,” added another.

Unpopular Opinion: Caldera is just more suited to Vanguard Royale as opposed to regular BR. from CODWarzone

While players are frustrated by the classic weapons being so good, some prefer that to the meta that has sprung up with Vanguard’s weapons. “Kar98K/Swiss are easy to use on Caldera, but I’d rather deal with those than the insta-death laser beam called Bren,” added another player.


As things continue to shake out, weapon balancing will happen, and if Raven’s data suggests that the older weapons are still too strong, they’ll be tweaked. For now, though, the old faithful will reign supreme.