Warzone expert reveals secret attachment and perk buffs after Season 4 update

Warzone character using UGM 8Activision

Warzone expert WhosImmortal has outlined a host of Season 4 changes to Gunsmith attachments in the CoD battle royale, claiming players need to make urgent changes to their classes to stay ahead of the meta.

As has become natural with Warzone, seasonal updates and Raven’s patches change much about the game, ensuring the meta remains fresh and players remain engaged. That was certainly the case with Season 4, which adjusted a host of weapons and attachments when it dropped late in June.

However, not all changes feature prominently in the patch notes, meaning players can explore different content to find hidden gems.

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That appears to be the case with Warzone expert and content creator WhosImmortal, who claims a number of attachments received secret buffs in recent patches and are significantly stronger in-game as a result.

Vanguard attachments get secret buffs in Warzone Season 4

Outlining the changes in his 15 July YouTube video, he explained that the Hand Stop underbarrel is no longer the go-to attachment for that slot, with different weapons benefitting from different underbarrel attachments.

The real secret, though, lies in attachments that give players in-game boosts, despite not always appearing in the Gunsmith. An example is the On Hand perk, which has long been rumored to provide players with an ADS boost. That is now confirmed in the Gunsmith following recent patches.

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So, what other weapon attachments give players secret buffs? One is Disable, a perk that has previously been “pretty useless” because it encourages players to aim at enemy legs. Recent changes, though, have seen it buffed and it now considerably improves a weapon’s muzzle velocity, meaning bullets will hit their targets faster.

Another relates to stocks that have the ‘Pro’ property: “Accuracy and recoil during sustained fire.” Stacking these attachments will massively recoil, but pairing them with different recoil attachments can actually negate their benefits completely.

In short, match up attachments that improve “sustained” recoil with others that do the same. Likewise, match up attachments that improve “initial” recoil with others that do the same. Mixing the two kinds of attachments actually undoes their benefits.

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There are doubtless more hidden attachment benefits in Warzone, it’s just a case of players finding them and working out exactly what they do. For now, though, drop in with Disable and double-check your attachments match up correctly, and you’ll be well on your way to winning more matches.