Warzone Operation Flashback patch notes: Fire shotguns, DMRs, Specialist & more

call of duty warzone operation flashbackActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s last hoorah is upon us, as Operation Flashback gets underway on November 18. Here are the full patch notes for the event, including Dragon’s Breath shotguns, DMRs, and Specialist Tokens galore.

After 600-plus days in Verdansk, Warzone will be heading to the Pacific, Caldera map in early December. To celebrate the game with one last set of fireworks, the devs are, fittingly, bringing back tons of firepower alongside practically everything from Warzone’s past.

Remember when Verdansk was dominated by DMRs and Dragon’s Breath R9-0 “Doof Doofs”? Remember the days of Specialist Tokens in the Nakatomi Plaza vault and Buy Station Bombardments?

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Literally everything you may have loved or hated from Warzone’s Verdansk era is coming back before Vanguard’s Pacific integration. Unfortunately, they haven’t answered prayers for an FN SCAR buff — but there’s more than enough to distract from that.

Warzone Operation Flashback: Ground loot changes & events

How to unlock the DMR 14Treyarch/Activision
The DMR was a notorious demon in Verdansk.

Verdansk’s soldiers keep their boots on the ground, so it’s important to know what loot is on the ground. In Operation Flashback, that loot is supposed to include “double-barreled Dragon’s Breath shotguns, semi-auto do-it-all marksman rifles, [and] akimbo weapons galore.” 

If that sounds like a hostile trip down memory lane, just wait until you hear about the in-game events that are returning… Ground Fall satellite crashes, Juggernaut drops, and a brand-new weapons drop are among this celebration’s randomized events.

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Warzone Operation Flashback: Buy Station changes

Warzone buy station killstreaksActivision
Get ready for some variety in the Buy Station when you drop in.

The Buy Station is also being changed in major ways for Operation Flashback. As explained in Call of Duty’s blog, the new purchasing options include some spicy additions. Here’s the full list:

  • Self-Revive Kit
  • Armor Plate Bundle
  • Armor Box
  • Recon Drone
  • Munitions Box
  • Sentry Gun
  • Loadout Drop Marker
  • Bombardment
  • Armored Truck

But there’s a lot to dive into with Operation Flashback, so you can read through the entire patch notes if you want to be as prepared as possible.

Call of Duty: Warzone Operation Flashback full patch notes

Juggernaut call of duty warzoneInfinity Ward
The Juggernaut returns in Operation Flashback, but the hellish drop is not alone.

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