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Warzone Operation Flashback patch notes: Fire shotguns, DMRs, Specialist & more

Published: 18/Nov/2021 18:47

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s last hoorah is upon us, as Operation Flashback gets underway on November 18. Here are the full patch notes for the event, including Dragon’s Breath shotguns, DMRs, and Specialist Tokens galore.

After 600-plus days in Verdansk, Warzone will be heading to the Pacific, Caldera map in early December. To celebrate the game with one last set of fireworks, the devs are, fittingly, bringing back tons of firepower alongside practically everything from Warzone’s past.

Remember when Verdansk was dominated by DMRs and Dragon’s Breath R9-0 “Doof Doofs”? Remember the days of Specialist Tokens in the Nakatomi Plaza vault and Buy Station Bombardments?


Literally everything you may have loved or hated from Warzone’s Verdansk era is coming back before Vanguard’s Pacific integration. Unfortunately, they haven’t answered prayers for an FN SCAR buff — but there’s more than enough to distract from that.

Warzone Operation Flashback: Ground loot changes & events

How to unlock the DMR 14
The DMR was a notorious demon in Verdansk.

Verdansk’s soldiers keep their boots on the ground, so it’s important to know what loot is on the ground. In Operation Flashback, that loot is supposed to include “double-barreled Dragon’s Breath shotguns, semi-auto do-it-all marksman rifles, [and] akimbo weapons galore.” 

If that sounds like a hostile trip down memory lane, just wait until you hear about the in-game events that are returning… Ground Fall satellite crashes, Juggernaut drops, and a brand-new weapons drop are among this celebration’s randomized events.


Warzone Operation Flashback: Buy Station changes

Warzone buy station killstreaks
Get ready for some variety in the Buy Station when you drop in.

The Buy Station is also being changed in major ways for Operation Flashback. As explained in Call of Duty’s blog, the new purchasing options include some spicy additions. Here’s the full list:

  • Self-Revive Kit
  • Armor Plate Bundle
  • Armor Box
  • Recon Drone
  • Munitions Box
  • Sentry Gun
  • Loadout Drop Marker
  • Bombardment
  • Armored Truck

But there’s a lot to dive into with Operation Flashback, so you can read through the entire patch notes if you want to be as prepared as possible.

Call of Duty: Warzone Operation Flashback full patch notes

Juggernaut call of duty warzone
Infinity Ward
The Juggernaut returns in Operation Flashback, but the hellish drop is not alone.

On March 10, 2020, the once-unknown Kastovian city of Verdansk became home to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Since then, over 100 million players dropped in, outlasted rivals, extracted tons of Plunder, survived outbreaks and uprisings, uncovered bunkers and vaults with priceless intel and phenomenal weaponry, and even survived a nuclear fallout only to go back in time to 1984.


To celebrate some of those moments and more, Raven Software created  Operation: Flashback, a limited-time Quads Battle Royale event where the events of the past become the present…

Available now, this event-packed mode is all about celebrating Verdansk’s history with something new at the start of every circle. Those who relive the past will earn an exclusive Emblem for participation, while the few who conquer this mode get an animated Calling Card to prove their mastery well into WarzoneTM’s future.

Those who played Warzone over the past 18 months will have some familiarity with Operation: Flashback — after all, it is a Battle Royale game mode featuring events from more than 10 seasons of content across Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®.


From its rules to our strategies for earning this commendable Calling Card through victory, this is Operation: Flashback.

Rules of Engagement: Blasts from the Past Through In-Game Events

What already happened in Verdansk will remain; Operators will drop into the latest fissure-laden 1984 version of the city, but at the start of each circle collapse, including during Infil, expect an in-game Public Event from the past to impact the present fight for survival. These events include the mainstays since Warzone’s launch – aka Season Two of Modern Warfare®:

Fire Sale: Major discounts at all Buy Stations for most items.

Jailbreak: All eliminated players redeploy into the match.

Supply Chopper: Supply Helicopters fly around the map, with their health now significantly reduced compared to the standard event to make them even more of a game-changer if you can acquire their Supply Crates.


Cash Drop: Plunder Cash drops will become available across the map.

Loadouts: Free Loadout Drops, a welcome sight in Verdansk, especially for those former Iron Trials competitors. However, it’s now with a new twist – Loadout Drop Markers are only available to purchase from Buy Stations once this Loadout Drop Public Event has happened. So get scavenging and leverage the loot you find!

In addition to these events, the following can also happen at the start of each circle collapse:

Ground Fall (Season Four, Black Ops Cold War): Satellites crash to the ground in this event, dropping Satellite Caches free for the taking… if you can get them.

Hostile Fire (Season Three, Black Ops Cold War): Arm C4 on the rooftop of “Downtown Tower” while avoiding the incoming attack chopper for one of the Vault Keycards. Simultaneously, the “Unfinished Business” Contracts make a glorious return so it’s a race to the vault!

Restock (Season One, Black Ops Cold War via Rebirth Island): All Supply Boxes on the map close and refresh their loot, perfect for if you’ve just returned from the Gulag…

Resurgence (Season One, Black Ops Cold War via Rebirth Island): All players redeploy if at least one squad member is still alive. Rebirth Island Resurgence Operators will know the rules of this event and the Restock one well.

Juggernaut Royale (Season Four, Modern Warfare): Multiple Juggernaut crates deploy to the field, equippable as one-per-squad. View the Tac Map to see where they drop, and prepare for a fight.

[REDACTED] Weapon Drops: A brand-new event for Operation: Flashback, expect a drop of heavy weapons crates with predefined loot to award the most daring squads with huge firepower.. including [REDACTED] weapons.

These circle collapses will happen at a quicker pace and in greater numbers — nine instead of eight — yet they will be slightly larger in radius compared to those from a standard Battle Royale.

Rules of Engagement: 18 Months of Meta and Madness in the Item Pool

Operation: Flashback also features a dedicated item pool curated with weapons that many veterans will recognize as “meta-defining” since Warzone’s launch.

Take a trip down memory lane with double-barreled Dragon’s Breath shotguns, semi-auto do-it-all marksman rifles, akimbo weapons galore, and other armaments that return in this mode (and nowhere else in Warzone).

More Than Rare Item Pool

Self-Revive Kit (Season Two, Modern Warfare): Medical kits allowing you or a squadmate to revive themselves after being downed during a match.

Precision Airstrike (Season Two, Modern Warfare): Throw on those binoculars to designate a twin jet precision strike on a path in your line of sight.

Cluster Strike (Season Two, Modern Warfare): Designate a mortar strike by pointing a handheld laser at any position within your line of sight.

Overdrive Perk (Season Five, Black Ops Cold War): Grants a temporary speed boost.

Gas Mask (Season Two, Modern Warfare): Single-use item that allows Operators to not take damage in the circle collapse for 10 seconds.

Incredibly Rare Item Pool

Durable Gas Mask (Season Five Secret Item, Modern Warfare): Single-use item that allows Operators to not take damage in the circle collapse for 30 seconds.

Advanced UAV (Season Two Secret Item, Modern Warfare): Reveals both the positions and directions of all Operators within Verdansk. Those who currently have Ghost equipped will also appear on the radar outside of 250 meters but will disappear once the squad using an Advanced UAV gets into that range.

2X Perk (Season Five, Black Ops Cold War): Doubles Points, XP, and Cash during its activation time.

Vault Keycards #1 and #3 (Season Three Secret Item, Black Ops Cold War): Can be used alongside Vault Keycard #2 from the “Downtown Tower” Public Event to unlock [[CONFIDENTIAL]] (but ’80s Action Heroes already know this…).

The Rarest of the Rare Item

Hunter Vision (Season Five, Black Ops Cold War): Occasionally highlights all nearby enemies with a heat signature, granting increased visibility on them, even through cover.

Specialist Token (Season Three Secret Item, Black Ops Cold War): A highly desirable item that awards the player who loots this token with all available Perks.

In addition to these items, Operators will receive all new rewards for completing Scavenger and Recon Contracts. Completing a Scavenger Contract will award a guaranteed Cluster Strike or Precision Airstrike, while Recon Contracts give out a free UAV.

Rules of Engagement: Buy Station Closeout Sale — EVERYTHING MUST GO

Due to the distance between Verdansk and Caldera, Buy Stations across Operation: Flashback are clearing out items from other limited-time modes and elsewhere within the world of Warzone.

Everything must go before all Operators head to Caldera — and we mean everything. In the main Buy Station menu, all of the usual offerings have been replaced with the following:

  • Self-Revive Kit
  • Armor Plate Bundle
  • Armor Box
  • Recon Drone
  • Munitions Box
  • Sentry Gun
  • Loadout Drop Marker
  • Bombardment
  • Armored Truck