Warzone 2 players discover simple trick that massively boosts FPS

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Warzone 2 Season 3 has seen some players struggle with performance issues but now the COD community has figured out that changing a single audio setting can massively boost FPS.

The release of Warzone 2 Season 3 saw some players suffer from unexplained performance drops. In extreme cases, these drops exceeded 50 FPS.

Even when running identical graphics settings as before those impacted were getting much worse frame rates. Not ideal in a fast-paced competitive shooter like Call of Duty.

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These frame drops have even leaked over into Modern Warfare 2, especially in large-scale game modes like Ground War and Invasion.

How to boost Warzone 2 FPS in Season 3

A member of the CODWarzone subreddit posted an FPS fix for Warzone 2. The post highlights an audio setting that can drastically boost FPS for those that haven’t changed it yet.

The setting in question is Game Voice Channel which can be found in the audio settings interface. Switching Game Voice Channel to ‘Friends Only’ can nearly double your frame rate in some cases.

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  1. Head to the Warzone 2 main menu
  2. Select the Settings tab and go to Audio settings
  3. Scroll down to ‘Game Voice Channel’
  4. Click to bring up the drop-down menu
  5. Choose ‘Friends Only’

A few respondents were surprised at how effective this fix is with one saying: “The solution really works! FPS increased from 130 to 170 just when switching the voice channel to friends only.”

Another response theorized why this fix works in the first place: “All Lobby just throws you into a 150-person voice channel and unmutes anyone within a 15-meter range, so you’re still processing all the audio you’re not hearing.”

Whilst the fix is proving useful not all users see it as beneficial due to the game modes they play: “I play DMZ a lot where proximity chat is a must.”

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Without an explanation from Infinity Ward, no one can be certain how audio channels and FPS are linked. Regardless, there’s reason to be optimistic about an official solution being implemented soon with the devs already fixing Ground War’s matchmaking issues that were present at the start of Season 3.

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