Warzone 2 bug disconnects and shadowbans players when they get too many kills

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Rampant shadowbans plague Warzone 2, but now a bug is triggering these bans when a player gets too many kills.

Warzone 2 is amidst a shadow ban crisis, unintentionally banning innocent players. On December 27, community members pleaded for a fix to the “ridiculous” shadow ban feature.

Call of Duty streamer DougIsRaw, blamed the problem on the new public report system failing to do its job correctly and demanded a fix.

However, the issue persisted, and a shadowban on January 4 stunned Nadeshot. Although it was reversed, his ban was only the tip of the iceberg as other community members have provided video evidence of shadow bans occurring after racking up too many kills.

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Warzone 2 players are getting shadowbanned for getting 10 kills during a match.

Warzone 2 players shadowbanned for getting too many kills

Jake Lucky reported, “there’s a bug in Warzone 2 where if you get 10 kills, you get disconnected and shadowbanned” with video evidence to prove his assertion.

The first video shows a player getting disconnected from a match after getting 10 kills and claiming they were shadowbanned. In the second clip, Warzone 2 streamer IceManIsaac provided a first-hand experience of getting banned after racking up 10 kills.

Many other players took to the replies on Twitter, saying they suffered similar bans due to this bug, with one chiming in that “it’s a complete joke of a game at this point.”

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Activision reviews each shadowban and determines whether the user is guilty. Nadeshot’s ruling was quickly overturned, but there is no clear timetable for how long these bans last.

Raven updates its official Trello board for known issues in the game, but the developers have not yet addressed the wave of bans. We will provide an update when more clarity is provided.

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