Vanguard players demand Trophy Systems after seeing “unrealistic” Helm of Darkness blueprint

Jaret Kappelman
Vanguard players demand Trophy Systems after seeing "unrealistic" Helm of Darkness blueprint

Call of Duty: Vanguard players are losing their minds and are ordering the devs to add Trophy Systems to the game after seeing the new Helm of Darkness blueprint.

Since Vanguard’s release, the community has debated whether or not certain things should be in the game based on it being realistic.

While it does take place during World War II, people have argued that certain items belong since it’s a video game.

Now, players are no longer asking but demanding that Sledgehammer Games adds an important Field Upgrade following the release of a very unrealistic weapon blueprint.

Vanguard players want Trophy Systems amid Helm of Darkness blueprint

The Helm of Darkness blueprint came to Vanguard on December 23. The STG44 variant brings some fierce energy as it looks extremely futuristic.

One person said, “Man, I love realism. I hope one day my grandad who fought in the war will pass his diamond fire breathing ATGdown to me in his will”

For a game that takes place in the 1940s, this had players speechless as they get these wild-looking weapon skins, but are still missing a vital piece of equipment that has been a staple in competitive CoD.

London Royal Ravens pro, Nastiee led the charge, wondering where on earth are Trophy Systems. People are claiming that if this skin is realistic enough to be in the game then surely trophies can fit in as well.

For those wondering, Trophy Systems have been a Field Upgrade in past titles that allows you to put down a device to block all incoming grenades and stuns. It can withstand a couple before breaking or enemies can shoot and destroy it.

With perks like Fortified, Survival Training, and Ninja all in the first slot, it makes it’s nearly impossible to counter both nades and stuns so trophies will help negate that damage.