Treyarch may have accidentally leaked new Black Ops 4 specialist Spectre

Call of Duty fans believe they may have found who the next Specialist character coming to Black Ops 4 could be, as an image from the game’s Create-A-Class feature and names ‘Spectre’ in the description for smoke grenades, which have also yet to appear in the game. 

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Treyarch has already added Zero to Black Ops 4 back in December 2018, whose abilities allow her to “hack and disrupt enemies and their equipment”, with her Specialist Weapon giving her control, or destroying, enemy equipment and killstreaks.

Now, it seems like the next Specialist character to appear in the game may have been leaked by Treyarch themselves.

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Zero was added to Black Ops 4 in the Operation Absolute Zero event.

Spectre mentioned in Black Ops 4

Treyarch has remained quiet on the possibility of new Specialist characters making an appearance in Black Ops 4, but it appears that a bug in the game’s Create-A-Class system may have let the cat out of the bag, and revealed Spectre as the next addition to the game.

Originally posted on Reddit by /u/Xarson1270, the user revealed that when attempting to select the Acoustic Sensor item for one of his classes, he was instead greeted with information about smoke grenades, an item that has yet to be added to Black Ops 4’s multiplayer.

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The description of the smoke grenade states that “enemies inside are visible to Spectre,” referencing the Specialist character for the first time in the game.

Reddit: Xarson1270The description for the unreleased Smoke Grenade specifically mentions Spectre.
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Who is Spectre and what are their abilities?

While Spectre has yet to make an appearance in Black Ops 4, fans of Treyarch’s last Call of Duty offering will remember the character from his role in Black Ops 3.

An engineer, little is known about the character, but it is believed that the Spectre codename was agreed upon by various agencies who believe that a number of assassinations were carried out by the mysterious figure.

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In Black Ops 3, Spectre’s Specialist Weapon was Ripper, a mono-edged twin blade that sprung out of their wrist, dealing an instant kill to anyone who got too close. Active Camo, Spectre’s Specialist Equipment allowed the character to become invisible for a brief period of time.

Spectre could be set to make an appearance in Black Ops 4, but will they have the deadly Ripper blades?

Whether Treyarch would change the character’s specialists ahead of release in Black Ops 4 is unknown, but the inclusion of Active Camo would change the way the game is played in both a casual and competitive setting if it was included as part of the CWL ruleset.

There is no official confirmation that Spectre is coming to Black Ops 4, and it’s possible we may never see it officially make an appearance in the game.

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However, the inclusion of the character’s name in the Create-A-Class section appears to suggest that players may soon have a new Specialist character to start using.