Toxic Modern Warfare 2 trick gives players endless Dead Silence

modern warfare 2 operator in ranked playActivision

A toxic Modern Warfare 2 trick will refresh a player’s Dead Silence but it comes at the cost of their team.

Toxicity and Call of Duty have gone hand in hand for a long time. The community has come a long way from the days of nuke boosting via Tactical Insertions in the original Modern Warfare 2, but that doesn’t mean that the playing field is more respectful nowadays.

In MW2 (2022), Dead Silence is a premium Field Upgrade to have, but its relatively short duration means knowing when to use it is crucial.

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The only way to reset the temporary perk is to grab a kill, and while it’s meant for players to kill the enemy team, CDL pro Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson recently revealed that friendly fire is just as effective.

Toxic Modern Warfare 2 trick refreshes Dead Silence

Arcitys was playing an Al Bagra Fortress Hardpoint with Dan ‘Ghosty’ Rothe of OpTic Texas when the opportunity revealed itself. They were both toward the hill when Arcitys quickly popped a few shots into his back to grab the ‘Deady’ refresh.

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“Wait, I gotta team kill you,” he warned as he took his fellow pro down.

It’s worth noting that they’re playing Ranked Play, which means that Friendly Fire is enabled by default, but that one player can only collect a small number of team kills before the damage stops hurting their teammates and reflects back at themselves.

This should work in any mode with friendly fire enabled, but be warned that random teammates aren’t going to know what’s going on, so use this sparingly lest the entire lobby becomes a warzone.

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