TimTheTatman correctly predicts “short day” for NICKMERCS first Warzone 2 experience

TimTheTatman spectated NICKMERCS’ first ten minutes on Warzone 2 and concluded Nick would be back on Apex Legends before we knew it.

NICKMERCS streamed plenty of Warzone during its heyday but shifted all of his focus to competitive Apex Legends. His first season with the Tripods in the Apex Legends Global Series has been remarkable, but he hasn’t lost his passion for Call of Duty entirely.

TimTheTatman got a few-week head start on Nick, playing Warzone 2 when it was first released in November. Tim didn’t hold back his judgments as Nick attempted to learn the ropes two months late.

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TimTheTatman evaluated NICKMERCS while he tried to learn how to play Warzone 2.

TimTheTatman judges NICKMERCS’ first day on Warzone 2

TimTheTatman reacted to one of NICKMERCS’ first Warzone 2 games in his latest YouTube video.

Nick didn’t get off to the best start, trying to loot a weapon from a buy station.

Warzone 2’s looting system has received criticism, and Nick agreed, claiming “it sucks” which made Tim laugh. Next, Nick tried stopping and sprinting over and over again to go faster, which once again made Tim burst out laughing.

“We might not make it to the group stages here, Tim said. “He’s used to Apex, and it is super different.”

It’s never easy taking on an enemy using a Fennec, and Nick learned the hard way. Nick got sent to the Gulag with two kills to his name, and Tim responded, “oh no, it’s going to be a short day; I can sense it.”

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Warzone 2’s new 2v2 Gulag didn’t catch Nick off guard, but his team failed to make it alive. Tim read the tea leaves written all over Nick’s face and concluded he wouldn’t play for more than two hours.

“I think he’s already done, I think he’s already checked out. His face says it all.”

We won’t know for sure what Nick’s verdict on Warzone 2 is until get gets more time in Al Mazrah.