The CoD World League Stream Set for Major Upgrade and the Return of a Familiar Face

The Call of Duty World League livestream is set for a major upgrade for future events such as the CWL Pro League, Anaheim, and the 2018 CoD Championship, plus the return of a familiar face.

Between Stage Two of the Pro League, CWL Anaheim, and the 2018 CoD Championship, over $2 million in prize money still remains on the table for teams and organizations to win.

Now that roster lock has been solidified for the remainder of the CoD: WWII competitive seasons, teams are gearing up for some of the most intense competition of the year thus far, and attempting to bring a trophy home.

With Stage Two of the CWL Pro League kicking off with Division A on Tuesday, May 15th, the CWL has released a ‘May Update’ which covers a variety of different topics for the remaining months of competition.

As stated in the update, the CWL live stream will now be broadcast in 1080p, 60 FPS after a major upgrade was made to behind-the-scenes technology, and will be present at Stage Two, CWL Anaheim, and Champs.

“Adam Apicella and crew upgraded our behind-the-scenes tech, and we’re now able to broadcast CWL content in 1080p, 60 FPS. This is a huge upgrade, and the team in Ohio have put in a lot of work to improve the broadcast for Stage 2, Anaheim, and Champs.”

It was also announced that John ‘Revan’ Boble and Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler will be joining the broadcast talent lineup full-time for Stage Two of the CWL Pro League, however, it is unknown if they will be present at CWL Anaheim or Champs at the time of writing.

We’re thrilled to announce that both John ‘Revan’ Boble and Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler will be joining our the talent lineup for Stage 2 of CWL Pro League. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, John!

Stage Two of the CWL Pro League begins on Tuesday, May 15th, with a full schedule for the first week of Division A competition able to be found right here.

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