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Call of Duty

Strange Modern Warfare glitch has players spawning underneath maps

Published: 6/Mar/2020 15:01

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty players have been running into an issue that’s seeing them spawn underneath the map and instantly die in Modern Warfare, though, nobody can explain why.

The launch of the newest installment to popular Call of Duty subseries came all the way back in October, and while players have been enjoying the new content in multiplayer thanks to the battle pass and new seasons, there have been a few problems. 

Players have run into bugs that have stopped them playing the game and needing to redownload several files, exploits with getting an “easy nuke,” and even glitches that turns those who are using the Ghost operator invisible. Yet, one unexplainable issue has been rearing its head – forcing players to spawn under the map after dying.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare has had plenty of issues since its launch back in October.

The problem was pointed out by Reddit user AyeFreddyB, who posted a video from a recent game of theirs on the Gun Runner map. 

Poking fun at their camping style of play, the Redditor showed that they had been sat on the rafters above the Munitions Depot when they were picked off by a longshot from the metal containers. As the respawn counter ticked down, AyeFreddyB was set to be flipped to the other side of the map, though that didn’t happen.

As they respawned, the Redditor was immediately placed underneath the map and sent back to the respawn menu as they died almost instantly.

Got Sent to the Shadow Realm for camping from modernwarfare

Some commenters joked that AyeFreddyB got what they deserved for camping, but it’s clearly something that shouldn’t be happening in Modern Warfare.

Members of the Infinity Ward team are active on the subreddit but, as of writing, have responded to the issue so it remains to be as to whether or not they are aware of it. If they are, players will be hoping that a fix for the issue isn’t too far away.

Call of Duty

Modern Warfare glitch reveals unreleased Makarov pistol

Published: 28/Oct/2020 1:35 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 1:58

by Brad Norton


Infinity Ward adds weapons to Modern Warfare with each new season, though it appears even more have been in the works behind the scenes as a secret pistol was accidentally handed out due to a confusing glitch.

Problematic bugs have been on the rise once again throughout Modern Warfare’s sixth and final season. Warzone players have had their runs ended by broken Loadout Drops while others have literally been left in the dark as a result of a game-breaking issue. Despite these problems, every now and then, glitches can actually be a pleasant surprise.

This was the case on October 27 as a player shockingly stumbled upon a new weapon. While playing offline, they noticed something suspicious. One of the AI-controlled enemies was wielding a unique pistol.

After taking them down and picking up the gun, the Makarov was revealed in all its glory. Fit with custom animations, an unfinished model, but all the firepower you’d expect from the classic secondary.

The Makarov pistol first appeared in 2010’s Black Ops and soon featured in the game’s sequel before disappearing. It was usable across the campaign and multiplayer in the first game, though only appeared in the story for the follow-up.

Evidently, it’s an extremely rare weapon compared to some iconic guns in the Call of Duty franchise. Having only appeared in Treyarch releases, it’s a surprise to see the pistol up and running in Modern Warfare.

It appeared as a Renetti on the ground and the icon matched up as well. Though it’s very clear a good amount of work has been put into the gun. From unique reload and inspect animations to its own balancing, it may have been in the plans for a previous seasonal update.

Given the unfinished model of the weapon, however, there’s a good chance we don’t see it properly anytime soon. Infinity Ward could have been testing it months ago before scrapping the gun. Perhaps it’s simply in the game’s files as a placeholder. There’s really no telling at this point in time.

Black Ops 2 Makarov gameplay
The Makarov pistol has only been usable in Black Ops 1 and 2.

It popped up during an offline session against bots, so don’t expect to see this random bug in an online match either. It would be surprising to see the weapon appear in an Infinity Ward title for the first time after such a long gap, though anything is possible.

With Treyarch taking over Warzone with the transition to Black Ops Cold War, however, it would make more sense to see the Makarov in 2021.