Bizarre Modern Warfare glitch is turning players invisible

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Call of Duty players have encountered a bizarre new glitch in Modern Warfare that is making enemies appear invisible while they are playing as Ghost. 

While launching Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward confirmed that the game would be a soft reboot of the popular Call of Duty subseries and wouldn’t extend the timeline from the original trilogy. Since then, there have been plenty of additions to the popular game that show off its roots to players who may not have been able to experience them.

Once such addition has been a new operator in the form of Ghost. The SAS member appeared in the campaign of Modern Warfare 2 and his return in the new title was met with much fanfare. Yet, there appears to be a problem in-game that he is currently playing a part in.

Infinity Ward
Ghost made his return to Modern Warfare with season two.

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The issue was highlighted by Reddit user sp77ky, who posted a clip from a recent game of theirs to the Modern Warfare subreddit. While playing Search and Destroy on Picadilly, the Redditor had been walking from just in front of the Arcade position toward the shop in which you can usually find a sniper camping. 

As they crossed, there was no enemy in their way and the coast seemed clear. However, as sp77ky looked up a player using the Ghost operator was quickly on top of them, appearing right out of the darkness to slide past the Redditor and eliminate them with a quick burst of the shotgun. 

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While some fans may point to lag or connection issues being the root of whats happened in sp77ky’s clip, it doesn’t appear to be the case considering how out of the blue the enemy just appears in their view. 

Of course, if it’s something that is specific to Ghost, it shouldn’t be too hard for Infinity Ward to address. If do they so, however, still remains to be seen.

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