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Strange Black Ops 4 glitch is causing melee weapons to not hit opponents

Published: 31/Dec/2018 15:59 Updated: 31/Dec/2018 16:11

by Matt Porter


One of Call of Duty’s staple items throughout the franchise has been melee weapons that can be used to take down opponents, but they don’t always seem to be working as they should in Black Ops 4. 

Originally, melee weapons were just included as part of the game, with players able to pull out their knife and stab enemies who strayed too close to them with the press of a button as seen in games like Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2.

However, in more recent additions to the franchise, the ability to carry a melee weapon automatically has been removed, with players in Black Ops 4 having to choose to carry one of these objects at the cost of one of their Create-A-Class points.


The Combat Knife has been a staple in Call of Duty.

While most players now choose to go without a melee weapon, some still decide to stick with the tried and trusted items, using them as a secondary instead of pistol or a launcher. Now, it seems that this may not be a good idea, as some Black Ops 4 players are struggling to connect with opponents when they use the item.

In a video uploaded to Reddit by Geckom8, he states that the clip shows something he has never seen in the eight years he has spent playing the popular first person shooter franchise.

Geckom8 is seen running up behind an enemy and attempt to stab him in the back with a combat axe. When the weapon seems to have no effect, he chases him again, wildly swinging the axe multiple times while pushing against the player with no luck, with his opponent eventually spinning around and shooting him.


I’ve played COD for over 8 years and never see anything like this… from r/Blackops4

While Geckom8 says he has never seen anything like it before, a number of other Black Ops 4 players commented on the thread saying they had suffered from a similar issue.

Activision and Treyarch have yet to comment on the problem, but fans of the game will be hoping it’s patched in a future update.