Simple Call of Duty: Warzone change would make looting much easier


One Call of Duty: Warzone player has found the perfect answer to solve the difficulty players are having with looting on Verdansk.

Activision and Infinity Ward’s Warzone has already been hailed as one of the best battle royales in the genre by many, with Dr Disrespect himself complimenting the gameplay for being “silky smooth.”

It is for this reason that over 15 million players have attempted extraction on Verdansk in just three days after the game’s launch.

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Players avoiding the gas circle collapse in Warzone.Infinity Ward
The final squad left are pulled out of Verdansk and avoid the perils of the looming gas.

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However, as impressed as the ‘Two-Time’ and his fellow creators are with IW’s Warzone, the community still has a keen eye for improvement.

And one savvy player has made the perfect modification to Warzone’s weapon system, which would ultimately enhance a player’s ability to loot.

Essentially, ‘FadezGaming’ suggests that the weapon glow around each weapon should reflect the rarity of the firearm. So a Legendary weapon variation would glow orange, which would be visible from a distance.

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There are six tiers of weapons in Warzone, all of which reflect the number of attachments each respective gun has. Uncommon weapons come with one attachment, whereas Legendary firearms have five attachments.

Currently, each gun radiates a white glow (regardless of rarity) and it’s only when you are up close that a tab will appear — showing exactly what the weapon rarity is.

Per the Redditor’s suggestion, squads would be able to scope out loot and better judge whether it is worthwhile making a risky push for (i.e. if they can justify it based on the weapon’s rarity status).

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Player inspecting weapon in Warzone.Activision
You can only inspect a weapon’s rarity when you’re in touching distance on the weapon.

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While on the surface this would only be a minor tweak, it would have huge implications on how teams play mid to endgame scenarios.

Moreover, it would add an extra tactical layer, as squads may decide to use highly sought after weapon blueprints as bait in a bid to lure in an enemy squad and place a well-timed killstreak on their location.

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