Shroud’s chat trolls Modern Warfare stream presenter: “They’re calling me thicc!”

Matt Porter
Twitch: shroud

Members of Michael ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal. 

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Shroud was in Los Angeles alongside a host of other creators such as Dr Disrespect, Jack ‘CouRage‘ Dunlop and Ali ‘TSM Myth’ Kabbani to take part in the reveal livestream, with host and interviewer Leahy mingling with the players as they competed in Infinity Ward’s next blockbuster title.

While preparing to interview the former CS:GO pro, Leahy happened to catch a glimpse of the streamer’s Twitch chat, only to get trolled by its memebers. 

Instagram: KristineLeahyLeahy was on the receiving end of some of Twitch chat’s classic trolling.
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While waiting to interview shroud, Leahy asked if he was streaming at the moment, before bending down to wave into the camera to his audience as the Canadian pointed out his chat to her.

As soon as she addressed them, Twitch chat immediately started spamming “thicc,” a slang term used to describe attractive women.

‘Oh, you guys are dirty,” exclaimed Leahy as she read the comments. “Wow, they’re all calling me thicc! Thank you, I think!”

“Do they say nice things? Ever?” asked the interviewer to shroud, who jokingly responded: “No. They’re a bunch of trolls.”

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Shroud continued: “It’s not even in regular mode, it’s in sub-only mode so these are the subscribers. So if I let go of the rest of the people, it would be even worse.”

Leahy laughed: “You guys, your mothers would not want to see what you’re saying!”

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The Fox Sports 1 host took her first experience with classic Twitch trolls in good spirits, later tweeting out a funny picture of her reading that chat alongside the 25-year-old streamer with the caption: “Reading shroud’s comments like..”

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With Twitch chat notoriously filled with trolls, it’s no surprise that they decided to mess with Leahy, who tweeted that she had “so much fun” at the event despite the naughty antics of shroud’s loyal viewership.