Shroud explains why he might be “done” with CoD Warzone really soon

Infinity Ward / Mixer: shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is on the verge of being “done” with Modern Warfare’s new battle royale Warzone, the Mixer star has revealed, explaining that even though the chaotic mode is “fun,” he’s ready to put it back on the shelf.

Warzone has definitely been a smash hit since its March 10 release. Over 30 million players have already piled into Infinity Ward’s release in the past fortnight. With a host of competing titles, it’s impressive it landed this well.

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There’s only so long it can keep it’s audience though, shroud believes. Like any modern Call of Duty titles, there comes a time when the player-base dwindles. According to one of Mixer’s biggest names, it’s on the verge of happening now.

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Shroud calls time on “fun” Warzone after two weeks

It’s not that shroud thinks Warzone is bad. He’s not suggesting he’ll shelve it because of any major issues like Dr Disrespect and his war on the game’s 12-tick servers. But the streaming star just feels like Warzone’s time is up.

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“It’s Call of Duty. Everyone has a different lifespan for CoD, right? Everybody stops playing at X amount of time,” shroud explained. “Usually I play Call of Duty games for about two weeks, and then I’m done, and I don’t play ‘til the next one.”

Infinity Ward
Shroud believes Warzone could be losing its luster for many after its mega opening weeks.

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After a week spent “hardcore grinding” Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, and then another week on Warzone recently, shroud feels like he’s hit a wall. There’s only so much you can get out of one CoD title, he said, and he’s done just that.

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“I’m almost done. We’ve pretty much hit the two-week mark. When the game first came out I hardcore grinded it pretty hard. I’ve been playing this [Warzone] for about a week too. I’m at that two-week lifespan… I’m going to move on.”

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Warzone needs something ‘fresh’ to keep players

Not every new game release has such a short fuse though, shroud said. One of his fans asked him why he stuck with similar battle royale PUBG for so long if he has a “two-week” timer. Shroud explained it was “just CoD.”

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While many modern games can suck players in for “ages,” the CoD franchise often forgoes long-term changes because of annual releases. This leads to players losing interest, the streamer added. Chief among them, now, was shroud himself.

“PUBG was new. No one’s really done something like that,” he said, and pointed to the fact Call of Duty never really breaks the mold in the same way. “Granted, if you go back and play PUBG now you’re going to hate your life.”

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For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 0:15 in the video below.

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Could Warzone go the way of Blackout?

There’s also been plenty that’s dogged shroud’s week-long grind too. From “useless” vehicles, to the “crazy” respawn system, as well as Warzone’s “super fast” gas, the Mixer streamer has had plenty to say on the battle royale.

This isn’t the first time shroud has ‘called time’ on a CoD battle royale either. Just over a year ago, he suggested Blackout was on its last legs. While many disagreed, his prediction came true, and Black Ops’ mode is now dead in the water.

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Perhaps Infinity Ward should take shroud’s declaration of being “done” as a warning. If they begin to lose fans, Warzone may follow Blackout into obscurity. The iron is hot now, and the devs need to strike ⁠— it’s time for more content, and fast.

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