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Shroud explains why he might be “done” with CoD Warzone really soon

Published: 24/Mar/2020 1:39

by Isaac McIntyre


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is on the verge of being “done” with Modern Warfare’s new battle royale Warzone, the Mixer star has revealed, explaining that even though the chaotic mode is “fun,” he’s ready to put it back on the shelf.

Warzone has definitely been a smash hit since its March 10 release. Over 30 million players have already piled into Infinity Ward’s release in the past fortnight. With a host of competing titles, it’s impressive it landed this well.

There’s only so long it can keep it’s audience though, shroud believes. Like any modern Call of Duty titles, there comes a time when the player-base dwindles. According to one of Mixer’s biggest names, it’s on the verge of happening now.

Shroud calls time on “fun” Warzone after two weeks

It’s not that shroud thinks Warzone is bad. He’s not suggesting he’ll shelve it because of any major issues like Dr Disrespect and his war on the game’s 12-tick servers. But the streaming star just feels like Warzone’s time is up.

“It’s Call of Duty. Everyone has a different lifespan for CoD, right? Everybody stops playing at X amount of time,” shroud explained. “Usually I play Call of Duty games for about two weeks, and then I’m done, and I don’t play ‘til the next one.”

Infinity Ward
Shroud believes Warzone could be losing its luster for many after its mega opening weeks.

After a week spent “hardcore grinding” Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, and then another week on Warzone recently, shroud feels like he’s hit a wall. There’s only so much you can get out of one CoD title, he said, and he’s done just that.

“I’m almost done. We’ve pretty much hit the two-week mark. When the game first came out I hardcore grinded it pretty hard. I’ve been playing this [Warzone] for about a week too. I’m at that two-week lifespan… I’m going to move on.”

Warzone needs something ‘fresh’ to keep players

Not every new game release has such a short fuse though, shroud said. One of his fans asked him why he stuck with similar battle royale PUBG for so long if he has a “two-week” timer. Shroud explained it was “just CoD.”

While many modern games can suck players in for “ages,” the CoD franchise often forgoes long-term changes because of annual releases. This leads to players losing interest, the streamer added. Chief among them, now, was shroud himself.

“PUBG was new. No one’s really done something like that,” he said, and pointed to the fact Call of Duty never really breaks the mold in the same way. “Granted, if you go back and play PUBG now you’re going to hate your life.”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 0:15 in the video below.

Could Warzone go the way of Blackout?

There’s also been plenty that’s dogged shroud’s week-long grind too. From “useless” vehicles, to the “crazy” respawn system, as well as Warzone’s “super fast” gas, the Mixer streamer has had plenty to say on the battle royale.

This isn’t the first time shroud has ‘called time’ on a CoD battle royale either. Just over a year ago, he suggested Blackout was on its last legs. While many disagreed, his prediction came true, and Black Ops’ mode is now dead in the water.

Perhaps Infinity Ward should take shroud’s declaration of being “done” as a warning. If they begin to lose fans, Warzone may follow Blackout into obscurity. The iron is hot now, and the devs need to strike ⁠— it’s time for more content, and fast.

Call of Duty

How to watch Atlanta FaZe’s Black Ops 4 Throwback Invitational: all teams

Published: 22/Oct/2020 7:52

by Brad Norton


While we’re in the midst of the Call of Duty League off-season, Atlanta FaZe is hosting an enormous event with $25,000 up for grabs in the Black Ops 4 Throwback Invitational.

From Ghosts competitions to Modern Warfare 2 tournaments, the current off-season has treated us to a proper look back in time. Many of the world’s best CoD players from over the years have gathered together for a handful of events already and there are no signs of the festivities slowing down soon.

Atlanta FaZe is next in line for a major event, and sights are set on the more recent Black Ops 4. From CDL talent to Academy players and even those that made it through open qualifiers, the best of the best are set to compete.

It’s one of the biggest tournaments over the off-season, taking place across multiple days. Fear not though, we’ve got you covered with a complete overview of all there is to know.

How to watch the Black Ops 4 Throwback Invitational

Get ready for a long weekend of action. The Black Ops 4 event is set to kick off on October 23 and run through to October 25. No exact times have been locked in just yet, but we’ll update you as soon as the information is made available.

There’s every chance that individual competitors will be streaming their own perspectives during the matches. However, ATL FaZe is also hosting the event through a dedicated hub stream that we’ve embedded below for your convenience.

Teams competing in the Black Ops 4 Throwback Invitational

It’s safe to say this event is one of the most stacked we’ll see in the off-season. Six CDL teams have put rosters forward for the tournament. They’re joined by an assortment of top talent coming from Challengers, along with eight teams that earned a spot through the open qualifiers.

Not only is this a step back in time, but it’s also a unique look ahead. FaZe aims to give fans their first “opportunity to see new 2021 CDL 4v4 rosters in action.”

The full list of teams competing in the Black Ops 4 tournament can be found below.

Team Players
Atlanta FaZe Abezy, Arcitys, Cellium, Simp
Dallas Empire Crixical, Huke, Illey, Temp
OpTic LA Accuracy, Kenny, Slasher, TJHaly
LA Guerrillas Apathy, Assault, Silly, Vivid
Chicago Huntsmen Dashy, Envoy, Formal, Scump
Seattle Surge Goonjar, Gunless, Loony, Prestinni
Mood Swings Blazt, Decemate, F3rocitys, Slacked
Westr Jintroid, Paulehx, Spart, Venom
West Coast Goons  Gonplue, Otflick, Ryanbacardi, Savysita
The Boys  Godrx, Kismet, Maux, Pandur
AF Academy  Archivs, Hyper, Phantomz, Sibilants
Team LBX  Exceed, Neropoiison, Noysii, Xotic
Four Horsemen  General, Standy, Proto, Royalty
Arial Arise  Crazie, Crimson, Horizinsfall, Kyuhm
HYXR  Estreal, Fflames, Hazy, Lurid
Dgeneration Sangar, DeadlyResults, Strezy, Yspry
Lost Angels  Aapex, Beehzy, Conbix, TheHolyToaster
Diamond Gaming  Spekcy, Uncivil, XinfinitX, Yemon
Magic  Huntsmann, Kips, Parzelion, Yeezy
Team Moch  Mochilla, Tech, TeddyRecks, Ttinyy

Black Ops 4 Throwback Invitational Format

Not much is known about the structure just yet, though it’s clear teams will begin in various groups. 20 teams in total have been revealed, though four teams from the open qualifiers have already been relegated to the first round of the lower bracket.

This means we can expect to see four groups of four in the initial stages. After the opening matchups, the most successful teams within each group will likely advance through to the double-elimination bracket.

$25,000 is on offer. Only three teams can actually place in the money though. $15,000 will be awarded to the top team, second place will be treated to $7,500, while third place nabs $2,500 for their efforts.

Atlanta FaZe Black Ops 4 Throwback Event
Atlanta FaZe
The Black Ops 4 Throwback Invitational takes place across three full days of action.

The finalized groups along with a full schedule will be made public on October 22. Be sure to check back here as updates come through.