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Call of Duty

Call of Duty: How to get The Replacer as a playable character in Blackout

Published: 14/Mar/2019 1:47 Updated: 19/Mar/2019 18:34

by Albert Petrosyan


One of the most recognizable figures in the Call of Duty franchise has been added as a playable character in Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode, and here’s how you can unlock him.

The Replacer, played by actor Peter Stormare, is a fictional character created as part of the marketing campaign for the second, third, and fourth installments of Call of Duty’s Black Ops series.

As his nickname suggests, the premise of The Replacer is to complete people’s everyday responsibilities, such as doing their jobs, chores, and other duties, so they can spend more time at home playing CoD.


The Replacer was added as a playable character in Blackout on March 19. It is first available on the PlayStation 4 only, as per Sony’s exclusivity agreement with Activision, and will become available on the Xbox One and PC on March 26.

Currently, the only way to unlock The Replacer is to purchase the new Replacer Bundle for 1100 CoD Points ( ~ $10 USD) in the Black Market.

The bundle contains the character, the Swordfish MKII Signature Weapon that grants 25% extra XP per kill, and five tiers for the currently ongoing Operation Grand Heist content stream.

The Replacer Blackout character is available via the Replacer Bundle, which also includes the Swordfish MKII Signature Weapon and five tiers for Operation Grand Heist.


It appears that the iconic character could be making its way into Blackout as a playable character, as some players have noticed an animated version of him featured on the main menu of Black Ops 4.

Seeing as how the characters that get displayed on the main menu are usually playable, people are already getting excited at the possibility of playing as The Replacer in-game. 

The Replacer was last seen in the promotional video for Black Ops 4’s currently ongoing Operation Grand Heist content stream.

The video also featured a surprise cameo appearance from popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect, who rode alongside The Replacer in an armored vehicle that he had forgotten to properly shut. 

The addition of The Replacer wouldn’t really come as a major shock, considering how Treyarch have never shied away from using real life people as characters in their games.

The most recent example of this was the addition of actors Kiefer Sutherland, Helena Bonham Carter, Brian Blessed, and Charles Dance in the “Dead of the Night” Zombies story.

If The Replacer does get added, the only question will be concerning its availability, as some players are speculating that it could be a Black Ops Pass exclusive. 

Call of Duty

When will Warzone solos return?

Published: 18/Jan/2021 11:53

by Connor Bennett


The normal BR Solos are not available in Warzone, with Buy Back Solos and Mini Royale Solos taking its place. When will the normal solo mode come back? Well, here’s what we know.

Ever since Warzone released back in March, a number of different modes have been added alongside the normal quads, trios, and duos modes.

You’ve had things like Juggernaut Royale, Buy Back Quads, and even Zombies Royale to celebrate the spooky Halloween period. However, some players just want the normal battle royale mode that they know and love to be available.

Currently, if you just want to play the normal BR mode – where you hop in, loot, use the gulag if you die, and try to be the last player standing – you can only do so in quads, trios, and duos. It’s not available for solos, and players are asking when it’ll be coming back.

Squad of Warzone characters standing together
Warzone is full of different modes, not just the normal BR formula.

When will BR Solos return to Warzone?

Well, the answer to that question is… it’s up to Raven Software and Activision. They make the call on when the playlists get updated and when things are rotated in and out.

Currently, solo players can only play Buy Back solos – which takes place in Verdansk – and Mini Royale Solos – which takes place on Rebirth Island. The latter of which was rumored to only be lasting until early January, but we’ve blown past that now.

The next big update that looks to be coming to Black Ops Cold War will drop on February 4 – bringing a new Zombies map with it. That could also see major changes come to Warzone, too. However, if enough players kick up a stink about BR solos still being missing, that could push the devs to change whatever plans they’ve got and bring it back sooner rather than later.

Warzone character running away from an explosion
Warzone’s solo mode has become incredibly popular since it was added.

Are Warzone solos gone for good?

Whenever something exits the playlist, some fans immediately ask if it’s been scrapped altogether. And no, that’s rarely ever the case.

While modes like Buy Back and Mini Royale add a nice change of pace, sometimes, you just have to stick with the classic battle royale formula. So, don’t worry too much about it possibly being removed forever. That’s really unlikely to be the case.

So, everything points to us seeing normal solos mode return in the near future, it’s just a matter of when Raven and Activision decide to flip the switch and bring it back.

If anything changes, we’ll keep this post updated so you’ll know when you’ll be getting your fix of normal Warzone solos next.