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Repeat winners take down $50K MFAM Warzone tournament: Full Results

Published: 27/May/2020 12:02

by Jacob Hale


Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff ran another $50,000 MFAM Warzone Gauntlet on Tuesday, May 26, and even with a slew of top pros and streamers involved, the favorites who won last time came out on top again.

While no ‘official’ Warzone tournaments are being held, community members are taking it upon themselves to host them, with KEEMSTAR’s Warzone Wednesday replicating the former glory of his Fortnite Friday tournaments in 2018.

NICKMERCS’ turn has also organized the MFAM Gauntlet, pitting some of the best Warzone players in the world against and alongside Call of Duty pros, famous streamers and young, up-and-coming talent, with $50,000 on the line.


With players such as Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and NICKMERCS himself taking to Verdansk, you might have expected some of these top pros to take the win.

In the end, it was a group of Warzone phenoms that went on to win it all – and not for the first time. Beating the pros for the second consecutive MFAM Gauntlet, Evan ‘SuperEvan’ Moore, Frozone, Ampz and Etrain grabbed the $24,000 winners prize.

The Call of Duty battle royale title has become highly revered among players.

$50,000 MFAM Gauntlet recap

The tournament saw 21 teams comprised of some of the biggest names in Call of Duty, Warzone and battle royale face off, and it didn’t disappoint.

To qualify for the bracket, each team participated in a “bot race” for three hours, simply having to get as many kills as possible in the time allotted, with eight teams able to qualify and start making money.


At the end of the three hours, 13 teams were eliminated, with several familiar faces left. Vikram ‘Vik’ Singh Barn’s team, himself and WarsZ multiple-time Warzone Wednesday winners, found themselves among the elite, alongside pro player Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman, Dr Disrespect and 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag.

Of course, fame does not equal prowess, and that was proved when Team SuperEvan took down everyone in their path to win the top prize yet again. Here’s how the standings looked.

$50,000 MFAM Gauntlet final standings

While the eventual winners may not be the biggest in the esports or streaming worlds, most of the names that crop up at the top are ones Call of Duty fans will be familiar with.


Place Team Points Prize
1 SuperEvan, Ampz, Frozone, Etrain 137 $24,000
2 DougIsRaw, Gunless, Symfuhny, THump 78 $12,000
3 Vikkstar123, WarsZ, Jukeyz, MVS 151 $6,000
4 FaZe Bloo, ClutchBelk, Med1cine, Royalize 144 $3,000
5 Dr Disrespect, LyndonFPS, HusKerrs, Cloakzy 166 $1,600
6 LEGIQN, BabyDillster, Speros, Parad12e 152 $800
7 TeeP, BobbyPoffGaming, Nadeshot, Rallied 146 $0
8 TrainWrecksTV, Crowder, aBeZy, Felo 110 $0

After winning twice in a row, it’s impossible to say the first was a fluke for SuperEvan, Frozone, Etrain and Ampz. They’re clearly top-tier talent, and Warzone might just be what makes them as famous as the rest of their competitors.

Assuming Nick runs the MFAM Gauntlet once again in June, all eyes will be on this group to win once again, and now the pressure really is on.