Pat McAfee crew jokes Kyler Murray’s CoD connection could bring Scump to the NFL

Scump being discussed on the Pat McAfee show on January 10 2023.Pat McAfee Show/Twitter: Scump

Pat McAfee and friends were discussing Kyler Murray’s future following Kliff Kingsbury’s exit as Arizona Cardinals head coach and CoD legend Scump Abner was a name jokingly floated to take the reins.

Scump is an iconic name in the world of Call of Duty. Nicknamed ‘The King’ for a reason, the 27-year-old phenom has collected 30 major event wins in his decade-long career.

While he still has most of a season left to play before he rides off into the sunset (with a new roster at that), it seems like the Pat Mcafee crew has an idea of where he could take his talents next.

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When discussing the news that the Cardinals’ star QB Kyler Murray will have some input on who the franchise hires next, Abner’s name came up thanks to a shared Call of Duty connection.

Pat McAfee show crew jokes that Scump could coach the Arizona Cardinals after CDL retirement

While the conversation started around current University of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh potentially walking into coach the young signal caller, the alleged connection between Murray’s on-field performance and the yearly CoD release schedule made for prime joke territory.

In the middle of a serious debate over who the next man up should be, cohost Tone Digz dropped a bomb of an idea.

“What if OpTic Scump is the new Head Coach of the Cardinals…it’s a guy that Kyler has a lot of respect for,” he suggested.

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While McAfee himself was once again a little confused by the inner workings of pro Call of Duty organizations, he did make a salient point about Kyler Murray being aligned with FaZe Clan but quickly recognized that the gaming community “doesn’t see any strangers” and that mutual respect could go a long way.

This isn’t the first time that Scump has been a topic on the well-regarded football-based show either. The former World Champion came up once before which is likely what led to this callback in the first place.

OpTic Texas invites Pat McAfee to CDL Major III in Texas

After clips from the show made it onto Twitter, the official OpTic Texas account wasted no time in replying. There was an invite to their home Major tweeted personally to McAfee within minutes.

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He has yet to respond one way or another, but given that this relationship keeps finding a way to develop, there’s still hope yet that CDL fans might get to see their favorite former punter and his gang of friends cheering on the Greenwall during the second weekend in March.