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OpTic’s Scump gets 180 kills and does 25,000 damage on Nuketown in Black Ops 4

Published: 16/Nov/2018 3:31 Updated: 16/Nov/2018 3:32

by Albert Petrosyan


There is a reason why OpTic Gaming Call of Duty team captain Seth ‘Scump’ Abner is known for being one of the best players in the world, and not just in competitive play.

While the popular pro player is best known for his ability to dominate opponents in the competitive scene, his skill in single-handedly taking over public matches is second to none.

This is best exemplified in the way he overpowered a public lobby during a Hardpoint match on the new Nuketown map, which saw him accumulate 180 kills and a remarkable 25,000 total points in damage.

Damage is a new statistic in Black Ops 4 that emphasizes the total points of health damage that players inflict on each other. This statistic has become more of a focus because kills and assists are combined now and K/D ratios are a thing of the past. 


The fact that each player starts off with 150 health points in each life puts into perspective just how astonishing Scump’s 25,000 damage performance really was.

In fact, it was so astonishing that Scump himself started off his YouTube video in total bewilderment.

“You cannot make this shit up folks. Look at the title really quick,” he said. “25 THOUSAND damage, solo, Hardpoint, Nuketown. Me. What?! Unbelievable. Enjoy the video, that’s all I’m going to say.”

While this is not the first time the Scump has posted a video of him pub-stomping a helpless lobby, this is undoubtedly his most dominant pub match so far in Black Ops 4.


What makes it that much more impressive is the fact that he did without being in a party with any of the teammates; these types of performances are seen more often when all of the players are in a party together.