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OpTic H3CZ reveals how franchised CoD league could kill players’ streaming careers

Published: 12/Jun/2019 11:11 Updated: 12/Jun/2019 11:27

by Matt Porter


Hector ‘Call of Duty league could end the streaming careers of pro players should the league adopt the same rules as its Overwatch counterpart.

CoD is set to move to a franchise model for the 2020 season, with teams currently bidding upwards of $25 million on locations as they attempt to secure their spot in the league.

While teams are spending incredible sums to enter the competition, the OpTic Gaming CEO has revealed that the league could come at a significant cost to players if they implement Overwatch’s streaming rules, with stars like Seth ‘Scump’ Abner possibly forced to stop broadcasting completely. 

MLGPlayers like Scump could be hit financially if CoD adopts Overwatch’s streaming rules.

In the June 10 episode of his Eavesdrop Podcast, H3CZ discussed the prospect of Activision adopting rules which state that Overwatch players cannot steam within an hour of any League event starting or finishing, and also specify that no more than two OWL players can stream together at one time.

“Obviously in Overwatch they’re not allowed to stream on certain days,” said the 39-year-old. “Overwatch hadn’t really developed a competitive culture like Call of Duty has. We’ve been able to raise the bar competitively. We’ve done more for competition than Activision did for competition.”

“Yeah, they created the game, but we’re the ones who brought in the crowd. So when they franchise, are they going to tell Scump that he can’t make $190,000-a-month on Twitch anymore, and then they’re going to put a salary cap on top of that?”

As it stands, Scump is able to stream whenever he chooses, as long as he is not playing in a CWL Pro League match which are streamed from the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

If Overwatch’s streaming rules were introduced, he would no longer be able to stream OpTic Gaming’s practice, which takes up a large part of his day, and could also be unable to stream pick-up matches with other pro players.

This would greatly reduce the amount of time pro players could spend broadcasting on platforms like Twitch, which will negatively impact their growth on the site, and the revenue they can make on it.

Activision have yet to release a rulebook for the upcoming franchised league, but pro players will be hoping that the team behind the Call of Duty version will be more lenient than those who created the Overwatch handbook.

Disclaimer: Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd.
Call of Duty

Warzone players claim Nuketown Gulag gives unfair advantage to one side

Published: 24/Jan/2021 11:15

by Connor Bennett


A handful of Call of Duty Warzone players have hit out at the new Nuketown-themed Gulag, claiming it favors one side a bit too much. 

With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Warzone has now combined the weapons of both the new game as well as the previous Modern Warfare title.

Even though there’s plenty of new content, including weapons and the Rebirth Island map, but it hasn’t gone down well with every player. There are still complaints about weapons being too overpowered, attachments not working, as well as other general bugs that come from combining the two games. 

Additionally, there’s also a new Gulag – with the showers of the Verdansk prison being done away with, and being replaced by a smaller version of Nuketown. However, players have got complaints about that too. 

Nuketown Gulag in Warzone
Players believe that Gulag fights have never been this tricky to win.

With the Modern Warfare showers, players had the same angles on each side, but that’s now changed with Nuketown. It’s now asymmetrical, with more angles to look out for, and Warzone players believe it favors the side where you can shoot through what would be the Welcome to Nuketown sign. 

“40% of my gulag deaths are from my enemy camping behind the car ruins,” posted Redditor SamirDando, complaining about the head glitch the car gives players who spawn that side. “That’s not what the gulag was originally designed to do. This needs a change.”

Others agreed, adding: “Yeah can’t stand it. The damn car head glitch” and offering up possible changes. “Remove the car, change the plywood to concrete so it can’t be shot through and it’d be alright,” said another. 

The new Nuketown gulags asymmetrical layout gives 1 player a major advantage over the other from CODWarzone

Yet, one player pointed out that it’s not just the head glitch that’s the problem, but how much room you have to work with. 

“In my opinion, the problem with car spawn isn’t just the head glitch, but also the fact that you can see two lanes from spawn,” noted Reddit user ReADropOfGoldenSun, “I think this could all be fixed if they moved the cardboard just a bit over so you can’t see the middle right off spawn.”

Other players, however, didn’t agree at all, claiming that are easy ways to get around the campers – either by simply hopping up on the balconies on the houses or using grenades.

It seems unlikely that the devs would make major changes to the gulag, unless their data shows that it’s completely broken and ruining the game. That might happen at a later date, but we’ll just have to wait and see.