OpTic Crimsix shares thoughts on CWL Pro League rostermania, gives advice to fellow pros

The winningest player in Call of Duty, Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, has shared his opinion on the CWL pro league roster trades that took place over the transfer period which closed on March 8.

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Crimsix began the video without one of his famous intro lines, stating that this was much more of a serious discussion.

The OpTic Gaming star went on to sympathize with many of the players who lost their spot in the pro league and referred to some of the challenges he had with signing to organizations in the past as he gave advice to other players.

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Crimsix is one of the core players of OpTic Gaming.
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Crimsix commented on the trades with the Midnight and Excelerate rosters, stating that a lot of the moves during the transfer period were probably being made with the franchising system in mind for next year: 

“I think this was the main reason this rostermania happened. So many of the teams realized ‘hey we’re not gonna be in the league next year, let’s just fuck over the players and make them sign some super-max deal so then we can sell them for as much money as possible’.”

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The veteran believes that orgs are signing some of the big-name pro players who didn’t qualify during this year’s PLQ as they are likely to receive more money selling them in the future to franchise teams than keeping their original rosters. 

”I’m expecting every single big-name player to come to the league, even though they didn’t qualify,” he concluded.

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Crimsix also had some advice for players that have, or could in the future, found themselves in a difficult situation during roster transfers and contract negotiations.

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“Getting an agent would help,” he says, before explaining that the cost is worth it in the long run. “At the end of the day, you are paying for peace of mind. You are paying so you are not constantly worried about ‘am I gonna get dropped?’ pretty much.”

He also emphasized the importance for the young, up-and-coming players to build a personal brand on social media to use as leverage in contract negotiations towards the end of the video.

“When you have leverage, that’s all you realistically need when you are a player talking to an org, trying to get what you want.”

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